Monday, September 18, 2006


Each of the girls have just realized that the other baby in the room is fun to play with.

It has always amazed me that they LOVE meeting up with their little friends and get so excited with other babies, yet never really seemed to pay any attention to the one that is constantly by their side! They laugh and giggle with their friends, at babies in magazines; on tv …. but the whole “I have sister here next to me” never really amused them. Funny how that works.

For the past two weeks, every now and then I’ll catch them imitating each other … a big game seems to be picking up two balls and knocking them together at the same time. Big fun.

Last night David and I took the girls out to sit on the front lawn and while we were there a few neighbors came to hang out (we just love our neighborhood!) and out of nowhere we hear Kaelin letting out full belly laughs. We looked up and she and Reese were sitting facing each other clapping their hands and laughing at one another. It was adorable. They were just looking at each others faces and giggling and talking and laughing. It’s times like those that you live for with twins .. or siblings as well I suppose. I can’t wait to see how they enjoy each other in the years to come. How awesome is it to enter the world with your best friend by your side?!!?

Pretty awesome indeed.

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