Monday, September 18, 2006

Where Has The Time Gone?

Life has been busy with two babies who are cruising, climbing, and making new friends. Every night I think, “I need to update the blog”, but then opt for bed instead. Terrible.
We have been busy, busy, BUSY! So lets see what everyone has missed out on ….

We celebrated the girls first “birth”day .. yes, I use quotes since they were 10 weeks early, on August 20th. We had a small gathering of family and left it at that … for now. Mama thinks that the girls deserve a blowout in November .. when their original due date would have been had I not built Reese a bum cord! Bad mom. If anyone deserves two days of gifts, friends, and frosting it’s these two!
The girls loved their birthday cupcakes and made the obligatory mess with them. So much fun. We were suprised to see that they seemed to know just what to do with all of their wrapped presents and tore into each one like pros. It was an impressive display of utter excitement and greed! Grandma and Grandpa up in NY got to be a part of the celebration via webcam .. gotta love the world we’re living in!

Reese is now quite the little monkey. She spends 95% of the day suspended from some object in the house. Let me tell ya .. I’m thrilled by this .. (does sarcasm come through in type?)
Her favorite thing to do is climb up the highchair, feet on the wheels, hands on the tray, and bend backwards to look at the world upside down. Momma LOVES to see that little head dangling inches away from the hardwoods. Amazingly, she has never fallen. (Knock on wood)
She also loves to climb the baby gates that confine her. She is getting so close to the top that a few moms who have been here for playgroups have made the suggestion of getting second gates to screw in above the other ones. Great. That will certainly make the house look nice.
Another favorite activity is crawling in and through our coffee table, which has a small shelf under the top for storage. She’ll spend an hour crawling in … through … and out … over and over again. I don’t get it .. but hey, if it entertains her (and keeps her away from the highchair!) I’m game to watch.
She can now stand on her own but seems hesitant to take those first few steps. You can see in her eyes that she’s thinking about it, but she wimps out each time. I’m sure she’ll do it any day.

Kaelin has been very interested lately in learning new words. I guess all the time Reese spends imitating Richard Petty, zooming around the room nonstop gives Kaelin a few quiet moments to study her picture books and work with me. (Reese has no time for that kind of stuff yet .. to much to explore) So far she can identify and say cat (at), baby, hi, more (ma), eyes, ouch (outh), and we got a bye bye out of her tonight. She can also make the signs for more and ball. She crawls around all day saying “me, me, me …..” Not sure what that means .. but I’m choosing to believe it means something other than that she’s a completely self centered little princess that thinks the world revolves around her! Pray for us.

The girls LOVE that Daddy works from home and get so excited when he comes for visits during the day. They throw down whatever they are playing with and crawl super fast to climb up him. So cute.

The girls are being introduced to cow milk and soy milk (I give them soy juice actually .. a little better in the protein, nutrition department than plain juice in my opinion) .. drink it exclusively at one feeding, the others they get a mixture of formula and milk. So far so good. They are doing great with their solids and get excited when they are put into their highchairs to see what goodies await. So far, their absolute favorite thing is organic banana waffles with peanut butter. They still love their tofu and fruit breakfasts and Yobaby yogurt too.

And then of course are the Cheerios. I had to ask our pediatrician if there was actually such a thing as too many Cheerios. I swear they eat them all day. If I let them, I guarantee they could polish off a large box a week. It’s insane. Thank goodness Dr. Hassel said it wasn’t a problem because those Cheerios make for happy, quiet babies when they are hidden in places around the room … which makes for a happy, sane momma!
We may have to buy some stock in that company.

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