Monday, February 26, 2007

Reese loves yogurt too!We have started giving the girls YoBaby organic yogurt ... and they are thrilled. I worked up the nerve to taste some the other day (NOT a big fan of the stuff) and I discovered why ... it tastes like the icing on Cinnabons! I am amazed that an organic yogurt company geared toward babies and kids feels the need to make their yogurt taste like dessert. The girls better enjoy this while they can, because the next shopping trip may produce a variety much less likely to put them in a sugar coma. I’m terrified of giving them tofu again ... which used to be their favorite breakfast treat (mixed with bananas). Now that they have tasted the dark side, I’m afraid it may be hard to bring them back to bland and healthy! Wish us luck.
Kaelin loves her yogurt.

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