Wednesday, July 4, 2007

From the edge indeed

[This was sitting in my draft folder... not sure why it didn't post.
It's from July .. but I'm still pissy about it so I guess it's still relevant]

Sooo ... I made a trip with the girlies to Victoria's Secret recently. I go in with the girls in their Maclaren double stroller. First .. I can't get through the damn store AT ALL! I keep running into racks and displays .. I have to continuously back out and walk all the way to the front of the store around the makeup section and back in the other side .. just to get to a rack that was two feet from where I was to begin with! There were even sections that I couldn't get the stroller to period. Now, I do not think that the world has to design itself around the fact that I have twins BUT if I can't get around with my stroller, this means that people in wheelchairs can't either. Last I heard, women with disabilities do wear undergarmets! Shocking, I know!

On top of that .. after 30 minutes of push .. pull .. yank .. damn, stuck .. push .. whoops.. I'm exhausted, out of breath and starting to work up a friggin' sweat. I take my two measly bras that I could grab and head to the fitting rooms. Of course, all the doors are locked. Awesome.
I stand .. and I wait .. and wait .. and wait. The girls are starting to get antsy of course, can't blame them .. so I look around for an employee. Nope .. don't see one.
I go over to one side of the store and see that no one is working the register. Okay. I do the whole .. out, around, and back in thing to the other side. Nope .. no one there either. sigh. Out, around, peek into the makeup section .. nobody. Are you friggin' kidding me?!?!?! ugh.
Out, around, back to the first register .. still empty. Of course, at this point I see someone (and hear the angels singing) walking toward the fitting rooms .. I race over and get there just in time ......... just in time to say "Hi, I was ..." only to have her just glance at me and keep walking .. right through the "employees only" door.

I stared at that damn door for a good 2 minutes .. completely astounded ..mumbling "what the .. but I ... how did she .. why would .. daaaammmmnn"

The girls and I just look at each other .. Their big blue eyes seem to be asking "Mommy, you're not just going to take that are you??" Of course, looking back on it now .. it was probably more of the "hey, gotta cookie in that pocket?" type of look .. but I digress. I decide .. oh hell no .. I'm done.

I turn around and bolt. Of course, I hit a rack on the way .. but istead of turning around I just pushed harder until the stroller won out and the rack tipped onto a display. Ha. Too bad snooty retail b*tch wasn't there to witness my rebellion .. but I felt vindicated.
We pass the register where low and behold, there are now TWO employees ringing up a woman. I chuck my bras at her, one hitting one emloyee in the chest (double Ha!) and thank them sarcastically for the wonderful customer service. I bite my lip from going further since Kaelin has started repeating any bad words she hears with glee.

I'm still pissed. I'm still wearing crappy old bras.

I'm thinking of setting up a playdate where we all go in VS and rearrange all of the sizes ... of everything .... then we can grab a soy latte from the Starbucks a few stores down ... then we can make ourselves comfortable on the chairs outside so we can laugh as the snotty retail girls have to take everything off of the shelves and start from scratch. Here's hoping they don't pay overtime

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