Tuesday, August 8, 2006


So, the other day the girls were watching a video on shapes. Everyone was happy and enjoying the show until Kaelin had a complete meltdown. No idea where it came from, but they have been a bit sick lately so I chalked it up to that. A few days later .. the same thing happened. I realized that it was during the same video so I decided that the next day I would turn it on and watch her carefully. Lo and behold, she freaked out again.

Apparently our little Kaelin is afraid of …. wait for it ……………………wait for it ……………………… TRIANGLES!

What!?!? I swear, only MY kid. When the triangle section comes on she gets visibly agitated and starts shaking her head and whining a bit. Then when a little girl in the video holds a triangle over of her, Kaelin freaks. Screaming, crying .. the whole bit. It happens every time.

Seriously, have you ever heard of such a thing?? A kid that won’t think twice about crawling right off the second story landing or makes a mad dash for any sharp / electrical / or poisonous object… is afraid of a triangle. Is there some trianglephobia resource that I need to be checking into to get her over this? Maybe we should hold back and use them as punishment when she’s older…

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