Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This morning we had Music Class. I walked up to the door with Reese .. Kaelin was taking her sweet time as usual, admiring the fallen leaves from a magnolia tree, so she was a few feet behind us.
As I opened the door, Cooper caught a glimpse of us and came running over. Reese was standing there, surely so excited to see one of her favorite cousins, and she gets greeted with.........

"Where's Kaelin?"

tee hee

Poor little Reese put her head in her hands and didn't move or look up for a good three minutes.
Thanks for the love there buddy.

I'm sure the face in the hands thing was just a reaction to walking into a class of people staring at her but the timing was just too perfect.

I'm going to start trying to teach her to say "I prefer Layne .. be gone" and getting her to do the little 'shoo' hand motion. That'll learn him.

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