Thursday, October 18, 2007

Um .. exactly

I came across the following write up while researching whether or not the girls will get a flu shot this year. (Mercury free if they do of course)
It was the Hep B shot that made Reese so sick she had to be revived and given oxygen for half an hour. The one that I was fighting against in the NICU. The one that I kept questioning doctors about why on Earth a preemie needed to be protected from a sexually transmitted disease for crying out loud. (Their only explaination was always, "They just do .. it's how we do it")
I wish I had found this back then. I found a lot of other articles that I took to the Doctors but one from Dr. Sears would have held a bit more weight for me and I would have felt more comfortable about trusting him 100% .. I love this man.
I would have fought even harder with the length of delay. Damn.

It infuriates me that parents aren't ever given OPTIONS for these things. It's just such a black and white issue. "You get the vax when WE say .. that's just the way it's always been done" I beg you .. Where would we be as a civilization if we all went with THAT line of thinking?!
Two years after our experience and I'm still livid.

Anyhoo .. maybe the following will help someone else struggling with the choices of the who, what, where, why of vaccinating their kids.

Hepatitis B vaccine and disease: Do newborns need a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease?
Saturday, September 1, 2007

Whose idea was it to begin vaccinating ALL NEWBORNS for a sexually transmitted disease? I had an interesting discussion with a doctor who used to work for the public health department. She told me that when her whole staff heard about this decision during the 1990s, they were dumbfounded. They saw no sense in it at all. But, they had no choice. The "powers that be" had made the decision, and they had to follow orders.

But given the fact that this disease is virtually unheard of during infancy or childhood (unless an infected mother passes it along to her newborn baby during the birth process, a situation that is preventable with proper screening and treatment), and also given the fact that the vaccine can cause fever, lethargy, poor feeding, and irritability in infants (according to the vaccine's product insert), making them appear to have caught a severe bacterial infection that requires IV antibiotics and invasive testing (when all it really is is a vaccine reaction), again I must ask, WHY?

I cannot tell you why. But I can tell you that by delaying this vaccine until your child is a few years old (according to my Alternative Vaccine Schedule), you avoid risking a severe reaction in your newborn that will put him in the hospital.

Flu Vax info

If you are looking for Mercury free flu shots, below is a list of vaccines that Doctors choose from when ordering them for their practice. Helpful to know the name you're looking for .. and what you want to stay away from!

From Dr. Sears' site....

For the upcoming flu season, here are the brands your doctor can choose from:

* Fluvirin brand is approved for kids 4 years and older and adults. Mercury is used in manufacturing, but then filtered out.
* Fluarix and FluLaval are for adults only. Fluarix filters out the mercury too, but FluLaval contains the full dose of mercury (25 micrograms).
* Fluzone is the only brand that is used in infants age 6 to 35 months. The half-dose infant and toddler sindle-dose vials are mercury-free, but there isn't enough to go around.
* Fluzone also makes a very small supply of mercury-free flu shots for older children and adults, so only the first kids in line will get one.
* Fluzone devotes most of their manufacturing facilities to making the full-dose mercury-containing large bottles of flu shots for all age groups.

Ask the nurse to physically show you the bottle as she prepares the shot. If it is Fluzone brand, and it is a small single-dose vial or a pre-filled single-dose syringe, then you can be sure it is mercury-free. If it is Fluvirin or Fluarix brand, then there is only a tiny, barely detectable, insignificant amount of mercury. If it is FluLaval brand, or the large 10-dose bottle of Fluzone, then just say no!

For the full article ...

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Saving the tatas

Three of our AtlantaMommas walked in the Breast Cancer Three Day this weekend ... We are so proud of Tracy, Janine, and Jessica!

Congratulations girls!!