Friday, October 26, 2007

Best school picture ever

Love it.
Soooooo where we are with Reesey right now. I almost had to beat the photographer to get a shot of her so unhappy. I kept telling her, "I don't care if she's upset .. in fact, THAT makes a fabulous picture in my book!" only to be met with, "Try something else and see if you can make her smile"
Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?
She finally snapped a picture just to make me shut up.

Anyhoo ... here are the others ...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let the festivities begin!

We had our first Halloween festival today .. the girls had a blast! They were pros on the whole trick or treating thing after David and I showed them what to do. It's amazing how long it takes a two year old to process how to pick up their toys .. but how quickly they learn to open their bag for people to throw candy in. I think we're being conned here.
Anyhoo ... we met up with Katie, Rick, Cooper and Layne there and saw a few other friends milling about.
This weekend the girls have a Halloween party at a friend's house on Saturday and on Sunday a Pumpkin Float in Grandmama's neighborhood. They also have another Halloween party to go to next weekend. Looks like we'll get a lot of use out of their costumes. The original idea for their costumes was for Reese to be the rabbit and for Kaelin to be Alice in Wonderland but Mommy had obe heck of a time locating a dress for Kaelin ... so we grabbed the kitty outfit on the way to the festival tonight. Lucky for us the girls aren't at an age where they care one way or the other!

Kaelin in her bunny costume

Kaelin learning the ropes

Reese and her reflection

With the cousins .. Reese, Layne, Cooper, and Kaelin

open letter to my sweet kaelin ...

My dear,
I feel I must point out that Mommy is an artist. I have been drawing and painting since I was your age. I majored in studio art while I was in college.
In fact, there have even been times when my art has made me money.

Pardon me while I toot my own horn (stop giggling .. yes, mommy said 'toot') but I am good at what I do.

So, my darling, the next time Mommy spends 15 minutes using face paints to carefully paint a picture of your beloved Elmo on your squirmy little leg .. I would appreciate it if upon completion you didn't stare at it for 2 minutes and then ask in a questioning tone, "Elmo???"

It would also be much appreciated if you don't run and grab a wipe the second my back is turned and commence the frantic scrub down of my masterpiece.


I love you ... but from now on I'm concentrating my artistic whims on your sister. SHE thinks I'm fabulous.

Love and kisses,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This morning we had Music Class. I walked up to the door with Reese .. Kaelin was taking her sweet time as usual, admiring the fallen leaves from a magnolia tree, so she was a few feet behind us.
As I opened the door, Cooper caught a glimpse of us and came running over. Reese was standing there, surely so excited to see one of her favorite cousins, and she gets greeted with.........

"Where's Kaelin?"

tee hee

Poor little Reese put her head in her hands and didn't move or look up for a good three minutes.
Thanks for the love there buddy.

I'm sure the face in the hands thing was just a reaction to walking into a class of people staring at her but the timing was just too perfect.

I'm going to start trying to teach her to say "I prefer Layne .. be gone" and getting her to do the little 'shoo' hand motion. That'll learn him.


I decided that no way are we going the bed route. While most people tell me that it's time .. my mommy gut says, "Are you friggin' NUTS woman?!" If there's anything I've learned along the way it's that I have good mommy instinct. I'm listening to it.

I put the tent up over her crib today at naptime and she had no objections. Tonight she made a fuss for a few minutes but got over it quickly and is sleeping now.
Ahhhh ...
Let's hope it lasts.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bedtime woes

Reese has been an absolute nightmare about going to sleep. This has been going on for two weeks now. I'm about to lose my mind.
It all started with screaming every time she was put in her crib ... we finally started letting her cry it out (albeit going in every 10, 15, then 20 minutes)
This was going on about 8 times a night. Not fun.
I'll never know how it is that Kaelin is able to block out the noise ... Reese has perfected the art of the 80's slasher flick scream. Its not pretty.
That culminated into David getting her up early from nap a few days ago only to find her standing at the nursery door. eesh.
Yep, the little monkey had figured out how to escape the confines of the crib.
That night she got out a handful of times too. I was watching under her door and kept seeing her little feet landing gently on the ground .. and then of course they would freeze in place as she waited to see if anyone knew what she was up to.
That night I had to give in and rock her to sleep which took about an hour.

Nap time the next day was the same way for David (I had gone to a facepainting gig at a Mercedes dealership .. which normally I wouldn't be interested in doing but once I was told it would be $75 an hour I couldn't say no)
He had to put her back in her crib two or three times and then all was quiet. When he went in to wake her up she had her blanket and lovies and was asleep on the floor next to the crib.
That night David went out with the boys, so I was left alone to deak with everything. Bedtime was ... good lord, there just isn't a word for it. She was out of her crib every two minutes. I finally had enough and asked Kaelin if I could use her crib to trap her sister. She thankfully said yes .. so I pulled her crib over to Reese's and pushed it against the side that Reese was hoisting herself over. When I did that Kaelin promptly stuck her head under her pillow .. smart kid knew her sister was going to flip out and that the screams would now be right next to her. I felt horrible but it was all I could think of! I lifted the pillow, thanked her repeatedly and promised her cookies for breakfast. She nodded her head and pulled the pillow back down.
Two minutes after my exit, Reese was back at it. This time screaming "stuck!" I opened the door and there she was .. stuck between Kaelin's crib and her own. Damn. Foiled again.
Fine .. I gave up and took her to rock her to sleep. An hour later she finally falls asleep and I walk her to her room. It's at this point that I realize I have no way of getting her back into her crib while keeping her asleep. Not only is Kaelin's crib blocking the side but I had turned her crib around so that the shorter front was now against the wall and the high back was my only way in. Ugh. Brilliant move mom. I literally had to just say a quick prayer and drop her. She woke for a second but settled back down. The next morning both cribs were moved back.

The next night actually went well. We were pleasantly suprised when she went right to bed with no protesting and slept from 8pm to 9am.
That was just a teaser apparently.
Tonight we started our bedtime routine which threw Reese into an absolute fit. She screamed for Daddy .. but when he took her she immediately screamed for Mommy .. the back and forth went on for a few minutes until I finally just took her to our room b/c poor Kaelin just looked like she had heard enough. After an hour, Reese was still wide awake. Back to the room .. put her in the crib and pretended to sleep on the floor next to her. For the next fourty minutes Reese stayed with her head pressed up against the bars staring at me and whispering. Not good.
Finally, at 10:15 I just picked her up .. plopped her down on a blanket next to the crib and waited.
She stayed there. Never even glanced my way. That's how I left her. I have the monitor turned up so I can hear everything in there but so far she's stayed down. I haven't decided if we should test our luck and move her to the crib before we go to sleep.

I had not planned on these two getting beds until after their third birthday. Looks like Reese has put an end to that delusion. I have a friend who dug up a crib tent for us to borrow but I'm wondering if we should go that route or just give the beds a try. I'm completely at a loss for the first time in two years. NO clue what to do.

What child labor laws??

Reese was put to work today raking up all of the leaves in the yard...

Unfortunately, her sister didn't quite share her work ethic ...

Welcome to MY world kid.