Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Before I go....

A little procrastination never hurt anyone ..
A few pics from the girls last Music Class this morning.

Reese gets down on a drum

Kaelin dancing along to one of the songs

I thought the girls learned a lot in their class .. until I noticed that in the pic they are playing their drum upside down. Oh well.

MIA for the next few days

I have a craft show coming up this weekend.
Due to Reese's recent dramatics I missed out on three weeks of work time. I am now in frantic sample making mode and will be taking a break to get all of my pieces done.
I'm going crazy here.

The good news is that by Sunday all of the craziness will be over and done with ... I will have all of my samples done for the website .. and I will finally be able to stop stressing out about all of this!
In the next one to two weeks my website for Half Pint Designs should be up too.

Back to the studio ....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Float

Peachtree Heights East had a Pumkin Float tonight. The girls had lots of fun. Kaelin especially loved seeing little girls in Princess costumes there. She kept saying, "Wow .. pretty Princess!" Guess Momma screwed up her Halloween getup this year!

Kaelin wants to know what happened to her cookie.
Reese isn't telling .....

Kaelin... happy ..

Reese and Grandma

Kaelin and Daddy looking at the geese

Kaelin getting her pumpkin ready to float it on the pond

Reese .. a tad suprised by the flash

The pumpkins (unfortunately due to the flash, the beauty of several lit pumpkins floating on the pond in the dark just can't be coveyed)