Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Amazing lecture.

This lecture hit me .. hard. Probably because of the girls. Once I can gather myself and stop the tears, I'll respond with more.

The video is of Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch. He is a father of three who is dying from pancreatic cancer, and was given only a few months to live.
On Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed auditorium, he gave his last lecture at the university.

(The video below is a long one (76 minutes) .. but I assure you .. so very worth every minute.
So. Very. Worth. It.
If you don't have the time for it right now, you can view his shortened reprise that was seen on Oprah. Lecture Reprise
(If you're a man .. yes, it's Oprah .. but I swear you won't lose any of your big, strong man points for this one. You're still a stud.)
If you watch the Oprah reprise, please find the time later to watch the full lecture. Again, it's worth it.)

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