Friday, April 18, 2008

Autism Walk run down

Wednesday: I'm clued in to the fact that the walk starts (STARTS!) at 8am. Never being one for the finer details, I totally missed that info.. or maybe my brain was so horrified at the thought of getting downtown by that time, that it just blocked it out entirely. Either way, we're a good 45 min. drive from Downtown .. so I had a slight panic attack thinking of getting myself (sooooo not a morning person) and the girls (who normally wake around 8:30) ready and down there. Not to mention, my team is meeting at 7:45. That's A.M. people!! Wha??
Oh the humanity.

Thursday: I get over my anxiety and decide to just roll with it. Worst case scenario .. we'll get there at the end of the walk and then find the team .. of course, I'll complain that we had to walk alone because we couldn't find them. I'll tell them we have been looking for them since 7:15.

Friday ..
10 pm: Get everything packed and ready to go. Get into bed around midnight.
12 am: My brain is screaming at me. "Youhavetogetupat6amYouhavetogetupat6amYouhavetogetupat6am!!!"
1 am: Am I going to have time to make as much coffee as I'm going to need tomorrow?
1:30: What can I give the girls for breakfast that they can eat in the car without making a huge mess?
2 am: Do we have waffles in the freezer?
2:05: Waffles. Thats a funny word. Waffles .. waffles .. waffles.
2:10: Try and shove sticky-tack in my ears to muffle the sound of David's snoring.
2:20: Did the weather guy say it was going to rain tomorrow or on Sunday?
2:30: Stress about how bad my hair reacts to humidity.
3 am: Pray that if it's humid, it actually does rain so it just soaks me instead of leaving me with a fro.
3:05: Wonder of anyone sells child sized pink afro wigs.
3:10: Crap. I have to get up in 3 hours.
3:15: Decide that on three hours of sleep, there's no way I'll hear my alarm and get up in time. Not to mention my allergies are starting to kick in so I probably won't even be able to get those three hours anyway.
3:30: Get up
4:00: Take a shower and wash my hair .... again. (what else am I going to do at 4 am?!)
4:30: Re-pack the car.
4:50: Watch Law and Order while drying my hair (Is there ever a time when that show ISN'T on?)
5:30: Find waffles. Toast them.
5:45: Wonder if the girls will be telling their shrink one day about the morning their horrible excuse for mother woke them up while it was still dark outside.
5:50: Wonder if this will lead them to be featured on the show COPS. Or Jerry Springer. Or Prison..
5:55: Wonder which is the worst fate.
6 am: Epiphany. If I go in to wake them with m&ms in my hand they'll wake happy.
6:05: Find the m&ms, grab a handful... having to grab more and more because I can't resist eating them as they fall into my hand.
6:07: Realize I just ate chocolate for breakfast.
6:08: Rationalize it .. there's caffeine in chocolate. If there was ever a need for caffeine, it's now .. so ... totally understandable. Surely I'll walk off the calories too. How many calories can there be in these tiny little things?
6:09: Almost have heart attack after reading how many calories are in those tiny little things.
6:10: Vow to walk fast.
6:12: Go upstairs to wake the girls.
6:15: Stare at them for a few minutes. So peaceful and happy. They have no idea I'm about to intrude on their glorious sleep.
6:17: Push Mommy guilt aside when I realize that if one or both has a meltdown there's no way we'll get on the road in time.
6:18: Try and wake them gently.
6:19: Try a little harder.
6:20: Turn the light on low.
6:21: Turn the light up.
6:22: Finally just yell, "Mommy has treats!"
6:25: Both girls are up and dressed in record time. Both are grinning silly little chocolate grins, surely thinking Im the greatest mom EVER.
6:30: Get the girls downstairs.
6:31: Lose keys.
6:34: Find keys .. in Reese's purse.
6:35: Ask Reese why she didn't tell Mommy she had the keys. Her response... "M&Ms here" as she holds out her hand.
6:36: Fear she grasps the concept of bribery now.
6:37: Pour the coffee. Spill the coffee. Clean up the coffee.
6:38: Lose my keys again.
6:39: Wonder why the universe hates me.
6:45: As we get in the car Kaelin exclaims, "Heeeey .. it's dark out here!" and gives me her famous eyebrow look.
6:46: On the road.
6:50: Realize that after 3 cups of coffee I have to pee.
6:55: Realize that I forgot the directions.
6:56: Wonder if Alzheimers can strike at 33.
6:57: Do the math. Realize that I'm 34.
6:58: Try not to cry and freak out the girls.
7:30: Pull into Atlantic Station and find a parking spot.
7:35: Try and find the elevators. One sign has an arrow pointing North .. one South. Go back and forth between two signs for a good 5 minutes. Wonder if they'll show video of me going this way/that way .. this way/that way .. at the company Christmas Party.
7:40: Remember we're meeting at the line of port-o-potties. Ask a guide where they are.
7:41: Grumble as I try and push a double stroller through the sea of people to the farthest end of the festivities.
7:44: Run into an ex co-worker. She wont stop talking.
7:50: Finally find the girls and hang out until the walk starts.

Quite a morning. I was a tad delirious from the lack of sleep and shaking a little from all of the coffee. The girls were very patient .. until the early wake up call hit Kaelin and she got tired ... and cranky. I had to hold her on the last leg of the walk.
It rained a little, but nothing too bad until the very end. Luckily when it started to come down, we were at the end of the route and right next to the parking garage. We ducked under and hung out for a little while longer. We walked with a wonderful group of women and had fun. I managed to trick Elizabeth into pushing the stroller up the hills, so it was an easy walk for me!
Kaelin fell asleep on the ride home but Reese was wide awake. Well, that crazed adrenaline trying to keep you up kind of awake.
Once home around 10am, Kaelin and I snuggled and napped in my bed for two hours. David took Reese to settle her to sleep but apparently that never happened. Needless to say, they weren't little angels that day. Whiny, sleep deprived messes of children. Reesey finally fell asleep around 5pm while laying on the floor watching a show.
Luckily, they got back on schedule by Sunday... Mommy took a few days more.
/I didn't get many pics because of the weather ( and our huge camera not being able to be hidden from the rain ) so bummed about that.. if I get some from the others walkers, I'll post them./
Even with all of the drama, it was a fabulous time and a very worthy cause. We were proud to walk for friends (and strangers!) who's lives have been touched by autism. We'll be doing it again next year! (But praying that they throw a little break our way and start it all up a little later in the morning!)

The "after shots"

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