Monday, April 21, 2008

Girls day out.

The girls and I spent Sunday at the Atlanta History Center. David was scraping the ugly popcorn ceiling in the girls' bathroom so that I can paint a mural in there to make it "theirs". We have been extremely lazy about getting it put together and our guests have had to endure the horrid shade of purple that the previous owners chose. I decided it was best if we just got out of the house while he was working up there.
The weather was gorgeous and I didn't want to do the playground thing. I remembered that the History Center has a great outdoor area .. an old farm from the 1800s and beautiful gardens to walk through. The girls loooved it.

Reese was trying to cook us dinner .. Kaelin kept throwing rocks in her bucket and yelling, "Carry it Reese! You can do it!" Reesey was not amused.

Kaelin adding to the quilt in the slave quarters.

Reese joining in on the quilt ..

Carving some wood

Kaelin trying to pull Reese on the wheelbarrow.

Checking out an inchworm that Kaelin caught on her hand.

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