Friday, May 16, 2008

Should I laugh? Should I cry?

So Miss Kaelin has turned into quite the little princess lately.
Now I do understand that MAYBE I played a small hand in this, so I can't really get mad at the attitude .. I mean, if someone called ME a Princess every day I would probably start to act like one too.. (no comments from the peanut gallery)

This week she has gone from a sweet, innocent 2 and a half year old to a snarky, smart mouthed teenager.

1) The long drawn out, "Mooooooom" that rises and falls in pitch at least three times as she says it... Always said with a dramatic eye roll.
2) Yesterday, I actually got a blunt "Whatever Mom" as I was trying to explain to her how we had to hurry and get dressed for a play date.
3) I accidentally misted her with some water as I was ironing. She panics and shrieks, "My hair!!" and runs to the bathroom to check and see if I had completely ruined her.
4) Her usual greeting upon meeting strangers has changed from, "Hi, I'm Kaelin ... this is Reesey .. this is Mommy. Big hug and kiss?" to "Hi, I'm Kaelin .. this is Reesey ... I so pretty!!"
5) The other day I was feigning excitement over a water fountain at the park. We heard it before we saw it so I made a big deal, "Listen! What's that sound? Is it a fountain?! Let's go see!" Reesey was all into it and getting excited .. Kaelin listens for a sec and says, "No mom .. its just water. Calm down."
6) When we're shopping, she will go through the racks like a pro. She'll pull something out, hold it up to her and either exclaim, "Ew! That's not good!" or "Oh I loooove this! Mommy, I sooooo pretty in this?! We take it home?!" These comments are most often followed by the "Moooooom!" from #1 when I don't quite agree with her taste. A loud sigh is heard as she shoves the item back on the rack. Then come the eyebrows.

I mean .. I'm fully aware that I played a fairly active role in creating this monster, but goodness gracious!
I get the, "I'm so pretty!" stuff .. the, "I'm a Princess!" stuff ... it's the angst ridden, said under her breath asides that astound me.
That girl is definitely more nature than nurture if you ask me. Diva just runs in her blood.

Off to hug my sweet little Reese .... and research boarding schools for when 13 hits.
Something tells me we're going to need some quick references at that point.

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