Monday, June 30, 2008

My little clepto ..

We all went out to eat a few days ago .. Reesey loaded up her purse with the necessities (play money, a plastic hippo, a couple toy cars, and a small falshlight .. ya know, the stuff you can't leave home without). As we were leaving lunch, I noticed that the hippo had been left behind, so I grabbed it and put it in my bag.
We headed to the bookstore form there. The girls were looking around while I followed behind. Every so often I would find a plastic coin of Reese's ... or a car .. She was leaving a trail of toys in her wake.
I put them all in my bag figuring at some point she would look in her purse and and get upset that it was empty .. thus giving me the opening for the, "You have to take care of your things" speech.

I forgot all about it .. until after the girls were in bed that night. As I was cleaning up, I picked up the purse and noticed that it felt heavy. Odd considering everything that she had stuffed in there that morning was now in my bag.
I opened it and discovered that she wasn't being forgetful by leaving her toys behind ... Apparently, it was all part of the master plan.
Each time she had taken one of her toys out it was for the purpose of creating space for new stuff.

In her purse I found:

Three packets of Sweet -n- Low
The pen I had signed the bill with at the restaurant
A flower
a small rubber ball
and the rice sticker from a book.


Do they have those "Scared Straight" programs for toddlers?

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