Saturday, July 12, 2008

Atlanta Pride Festival

We went downtown last weekend for the Pride Festival. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of pictures because of the horrid weather. When our train pulled into the Civic Center Station, we walked out into a monsson! (Thank goodness we had the foresight to pack the rain gear!)
We braved the rain and walked four blocks to the parade route. Luckily, we got off at the station that was closest to the end of the parade, where everyone was filing into the Civic Center parking lot. (Due to the drought, this year's festival could not be held at Piedmont Park like previous years)
We rushed inside the Center and waited until the rain let up a little. We browsed through booths and viewed a small portion of the Aids Quilt, which was extremely moving. When the rain let up a little we walked back up to the parade in time to see the last few floats and a few stragglers. Not as exciting as it could have been .. but the girls had a great time amidst all of the music, dancing, and colors. They were pooped by the end of the parade .. so we didn't stay for the shows or live music.
Hoping next year will bring us a beautiful day .. energetic girlies .. and the chance to experience it on the grass of Piedmont Park instead of the hard asphalt of a parking lot.

So thankful that we live in a city where the girls get to experience things like this. I want them to grow up with acceptance, understanding, and compassion for their fellow man. No matter skin color, religious views, sexual orientation, etc .. we're all this together. Also proud to know that they will grow up secure in the understanding that Mom and Dad will be there to love and support them through whatever path they may travel.

K and R in their pride shirts (which turned out terribly. Mom's printer was not my friend this time time around. Reese's shirt read, "Hate is not a family value" and Kaelin's read, "Whatever makes you happy.")

Rainbow flag

The fam. (cold and wet .. poor Kaelin's lips were blue but we couldn't convince her to wear her jacket!)

Kaelin and Daddy watching the end of the parade

A small shot of the Aids Quilt

Kaelin showing off her accessories given to her by a man in the parade.. she was so excited!

Reesey's favorite float. (HA! Now before anyone calls DFACS .. the men aren't in their undies .. they're in Speedos .. nothing we don't see at the beach people!)

Folk art lesson on the way back to the train ..

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  1. Oh i LOVE a good pride parade!! screw Santa- pride is so much more colorful!!
    My kids are lucky enough to have a grandma who also happens to be a lesbian..
    I thought i was an ace at teaching them tolerance at a young age until my daughter (than four) pointed at an elderly man on the street and shouted 'Look he is a lesbian...'

    well my mother also happens to wear hearing aids.. as did this man.
    deaf/lesbian- easily confused to her than young mind.

    kids rock.
    looks like your sweet girls had a blast and they are sweet as can be.