Saturday, July 12, 2008

Northside Hospital Preemie Reunion

This morning we went to the Preemie reunion. Wouldn't you know, the ONE nurse that we ran into from our 10 week journey through the NICU was one of only two that we had some issues with. Irony loves me.
Despite that fact, we had fun .. lots of .. um .. interesting music (Kid Rock followed by Britney Spears, then on to Andrea Bocelli .. makes perfect sense), a huge inflatable slide (which K went down .. but Reese had to be rescued once she got to the top!), trackless train (lines too long .. thankfully the girls were happy just posing with it instead of riding it), face painting (Kaelin wanted a puppy dog on her cheek .. Reese wanted Mommy to do hers at home .. smart girl.), firetruck (BIG fun!), etc.

Reese .. too cool in her fireman hat

Climbing aboard the firetruck

Kalein catching bubbles

Reese greeting the Northside stork

fishing for prizes

Kaelin proves she's much more coordinated than Mommy .. reading (while walking!) a book that she won.

Ice cream sandwiches to cool off

with the train

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