Saturday, July 12, 2008

Northside Hospital Preemie Reunion

This morning we went to the Preemie reunion. Wouldn't you know, the ONE nurse that we ran into from our 10 week journey through the NICU was one of only two that we had some issues with. Irony loves me.
Despite that fact, we had fun .. lots of .. um .. interesting music (Kid Rock followed by Britney Spears, then on to Andrea Bocelli .. makes perfect sense), a huge inflatable slide (which K went down .. but Reese had to be rescued once she got to the top!), trackless train (lines too long .. thankfully the girls were happy just posing with it instead of riding it), face painting (Kaelin wanted a puppy dog on her cheek .. Reese wanted Mommy to do hers at home .. smart girl.), firetruck (BIG fun!), etc.

Reese .. too cool in her fireman hat

Climbing aboard the firetruck

Kalein catching bubbles

Reese greeting the Northside stork

fishing for prizes

Kaelin proves she's much more coordinated than Mommy .. reading (while walking!) a book that she won.

Ice cream sandwiches to cool off

with the train

Atlanta Pride Festival

We went downtown last weekend for the Pride Festival. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of pictures because of the horrid weather. When our train pulled into the Civic Center Station, we walked out into a monsson! (Thank goodness we had the foresight to pack the rain gear!)
We braved the rain and walked four blocks to the parade route. Luckily, we got off at the station that was closest to the end of the parade, where everyone was filing into the Civic Center parking lot. (Due to the drought, this year's festival could not be held at Piedmont Park like previous years)
We rushed inside the Center and waited until the rain let up a little. We browsed through booths and viewed a small portion of the Aids Quilt, which was extremely moving. When the rain let up a little we walked back up to the parade in time to see the last few floats and a few stragglers. Not as exciting as it could have been .. but the girls had a great time amidst all of the music, dancing, and colors. They were pooped by the end of the parade .. so we didn't stay for the shows or live music.
Hoping next year will bring us a beautiful day .. energetic girlies .. and the chance to experience it on the grass of Piedmont Park instead of the hard asphalt of a parking lot.

So thankful that we live in a city where the girls get to experience things like this. I want them to grow up with acceptance, understanding, and compassion for their fellow man. No matter skin color, religious views, sexual orientation, etc .. we're all this together. Also proud to know that they will grow up secure in the understanding that Mom and Dad will be there to love and support them through whatever path they may travel.

K and R in their pride shirts (which turned out terribly. Mom's printer was not my friend this time time around. Reese's shirt read, "Hate is not a family value" and Kaelin's read, "Whatever makes you happy.")

Rainbow flag

The fam. (cold and wet .. poor Kaelin's lips were blue but we couldn't convince her to wear her jacket!)

Kaelin and Daddy watching the end of the parade

A small shot of the Aids Quilt

Kaelin showing off her accessories given to her by a man in the parade.. she was so excited!

Reesey's favorite float. (HA! Now before anyone calls DFACS .. the men aren't in their undies .. they're in Speedos .. nothing we don't see at the beach people!)

Folk art lesson on the way back to the train ..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are

I've been hearing rumors for years that a film version of Where The Wild Things Are was going to be made. The girls looove the book and can recite almost every page on their own.
I read tonight that production is basically finished. It will most likely be another year before it hits theaters though, due to the big wigs at Legendary and Warner Brothers thinking the film is leaning a bit too much toward art house flick instead of Hollywood blockbuster (which is unfortunate because in my opinion art house trumps blockbuster any day of the week.)

The better news is that the script has been written by Dave Eggers (Pick up a copy of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed.) and directed by Spike Jonze. How can it NOT be brilliant?! I'm actually happy that we have another year to wait .. that way the girls will be a bit older and ready for the whole experience.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Fourth of July (a little late)

We played hide and seek ..

The girls yelled, "Cheers!" ....

... and then got a sugar high off of blue raspberry slushies ..

Reese did some yoga ...

Kaelin got bitten on the ankle by an ant .. but resourceful Reese was there to suck out the poison ..

Reese got tired of waiting for the fireworks to start ...

Kaelin thought she heard them starting...

The girls put their retro headphones on to prepare for the noise ..

No pictures after that ...
Despite the headphones that blocked out 90% of the noise, Reese freaked out as the fireworks started. I had to take her under a streetlight and face her away from the show. At one point she pleaded with a bicycle cop, " I go with you?!" She was so desperate to get away that she was willing for a stranger to rush off with her.
Kaelin, on the other hand, loved the show. David said that after each burst she said, "Oooh .. that's my favorite", "Ahhh .. so colorful!", and "Wow ..I touch it?!"
Despite the drama, we had a great night ... and hope that next year will be better for Miss Reese.

It's all in the attitude

Perhaps it's this attitude that will lead to the behind bars photo below ....

Crazy girl.

Strange evening

We went out for ice cream last weekend and returned home to a gorgeous afternoon in the front yard .... and scary storm clouds in the back yard. It looked surreal.

Cue the flying monkeys ... eek.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Perhaps a glimpse into the teenage years?

ETA: I just realized that since the photo was taken from behind the girls ... the glimpse into the future includes me behind bars as well. Hmmm ...