Thursday, October 16, 2008

I don't care what side you're on ...

this is hysterical. I've watched it over and over and it brings me to tears every time.

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McCain's Brain

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fairy House

I stole another Momma's idea and built a Fairy House with the girls yesterday. They gathered all of the bark, sticks, moss etc. and I glued everything together. This morning before school, the girls went outside to look at the house and found fairy dust scattered on the inside. Definite proof that a fairy has taken up residence there! She even left her magic wand behind, which Kaelin was very excited about.
Mommy snuck outside after bedtime and managed to get a picture of our fairy hanging out in her new home. I can't wait to show the girls in the morning!
I've become a tad obsessed with the house .. decided today that no self respecting fairy would be comfortable in a house without a patio. So, that's our next project.
I'm guessing that before long we just might have an entire city built up back here... further proof that I'm totally re-living my childhood through these two.

The start of our house ..

The furniture ..

.. with our fairy sitting on her chair.