Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brilliant Mom move of the day

Tired? Grumpy? Headache from giddy, high pitched toddler noises?
Build a teepee!

I swear, it has been gloriously quiet here for the past 40 minutes.

Eh, I jinxed it. 42.9 minutes ... off to break up a fight that seems to be about which kid likes green beans more. Ack.>


Monday, February 23, 2009

Hangin' at the mall with Cooper

A visit from DFACS is imminent ...

The other day the girls and I were doing our grocery shopping. As we were piling our stuff onto the checkout counter, suddenly Kaelin starts to have a dramatic anxiety attack.

K: "Mommy!! We have to get Daddy beer!"
Me: "Daddy doesn't need beer. How do you know about beer anyway??"
K: "But Mooooooom!" sounding as if she's close to hyperventilating "We have to get it! We have to get him his beeeeeeer!!"
Me: "Kaelin .. calm down .. we don't need beer."
K: "Ooooohhhh .. Daddy will be so mad if we don't get beer!" She slumps down and puts her head in her hands .. still making dramatic breathless whimpering noises.

At this point, I finish unloading the cart and look up.

About 12 people within earshot are staring at us.
They all have that look that tells you that they are both concerned and horrified.
Surely this display is a sure sign that Daddy is a raging alcoholic and we will all be beaten mercilessly when he discovers that his precious beer was not purchased. Should they call the authorities? Follow us home? Oh the humanity!

Thanks kid.

(for the record ...
I have no idea how she knows about beer.
I have no idea why she chose this as her daily Oscar moment.
David is not an alcoholic.
We might need all of you as character witnesses soon.)

Ahhh ..

After uploading the video below, I realized that I haven't bragged about my recent undertaking.
A couple weeks ago, I woke up as my normal, grumpy self .. went downstairs to make the girls breakfast .. and almost broke my neck tripping over a random discarded toy. Par for the coarse in this house for the past three and a half years ... but that day it sent me over the edge.
Around the girls' first birthday, we cleared out the living room and turned it into the girls' playroom. Of course, they loved it .. and while it was nice for them to have a place that was all their own, it was also a nightmare for those of us over two feet tall. The toys would inevitably spill over into every other room downstairs, and frankly, it was not the first impression that I wanted people to have upon entering our home. At the time, I didn't know what else to do with the toys. Their bedroom is too small for everything given that a) there are two of them in there .. and b) they're spoiled rotten and have an overabundance of crap toys.
That morning a few weeks ago was the last straw for me. I decided that I could do without my art room for a while and proceeded to pack away my art desk and supplies (to be pulled out when needed). Everything was cleared out of the bonus room upstairs and their toys moved up there.
Now we have an actual living room again! The clutter is so nicely contained upstairs and (BONUS!) the girls love to go up and play on their own. Now that all of that is out of the way, I feel like it's so much more peaceful downstairs. On top of that, I can et more done during the day considering that a) the girls can play upstairs and not wreck the place behind me as I clean .. and b) I'm no longer overwhelmed with the "to do" list since the toy cleanup is last on the list (if it doesn't get done, we can just close the door!)
Ahhhh ...
I'm now on a kick to get this house completely turned around. Old clothes and toys are being given to friends, taken to consignment, or donated this week ... the clutter is being thinned out of drawers and cabinets .. household repairs and improvements are being chipped away. (Also finally finished the girls' bathroom upstairs .. which had been a horrendous shade of electric purple for years thanks to the previous owners .. ick .. photos of that soon ..)

I can't find a "before" picture of the living room / playroom .. but most of you have seen it in person, so you will understand my excitement here. I'll keep looking and post one if I can find it. I'll also get a picture of the new playroom tomorrow)

Here's the "after" .. (best pic I could get given the lighting)
No toys!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little enunciation would be helpful ...

(ETA: The baby is Laraleigh's little one .. Miss Julia was hanging with us while the rest of her fam. went to Medieval Times.)