Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Julia

(I was just reminded that I forgot to update .. whoops.)

Thanks to everyone who sent P & PTs to the little Miss and her family.
She's out of the hospital and is doing great!
Better than great actually .. Looking at her now, you would never guess that she's been sick since the beginning of the year. Perfection.
After all those tests coming back negative, the Doctors finally decided to just treat her symptoms as a bad case of asthma. (I would have thought that something like asthma would have been brought up earlier .. but hey, I didn't spend all those years in med school ..)
Lo and behold .. it worked! She's finally back to breathing normally. No symptoms lingering .. jus a healthy, happy, perfect little girl.

ETA: Nope .. not asthma. LL is waiting to hear from an immunologist now.

Kaelin's Boyfriend

As many of you know, Kaelin is in love with a little boy in her class. In LOVE.
She talks about him incessantly .. calls him her "boyfriend" .. makes up songs about him .. giggles or blushes when someone brings up his name.
The other day after getting dressed for school she went to the mirror, stroked her dress and said, "Shyan is going to looove this dress. He's the cutest boy I ever saw."
I don't know where she gets it from (Okay, okay .. no comments on that one. I get it .. but she's THREE!! I expected the swooning and dramatics when she hit puberty .. but at THREE?!? eesh.)
Anyhoo .. it's pretty darn cute. Her comments are laced with long sighs, head tilts, goofy grins, and dreamy eyes.
I'm starting to think a little Romeo and Juliet at bedtime is in order.

Spring Party .. working on an art project..

Kaelin's reaction to Shyan wanting to finish his picture instead of joining her on the floor for story time. ha.

While we're on the subject of Kaelin's boy-crazy antics ..
I took the girls to a Birthday Party a couple of weeks ago. The kids were sitting at a table waiting for cake and I caught Kaelin slowly scanning the room.
Her eyes stopped on one of the Dads .. and she stared him down.
When he finally turned to look at her she tilted her head, winked at him, and then turned back around.
The adults that caught that little inappropriate display were quiet for a few seconds and then burst out laughing.

Good Lord .. we're in serious trouble when she becomes a teenager.