Thursday, November 5, 2009


It took me HOURS to make Kaelin's costume .. and she didn't seem too thrilled with the process along the way. Thankfully, once she put it on, she was very happy with it.
Both of thegirls kept changing their minds on what they wanted to be for Halloween, so once they settled on a monster and a frog, I had no choice but to make them. Luckily, I found Reese's frog costume at the craft store while buying feathers for Kaelin's costume. I tried to convince Reese to let me add a crown and a tutu to hers in order to make her "Princess Charming" but she would have none of it. *sigh*
They went trick or treating with their best friends Olivia and Bella and didn't seem to notice that it was raining a bit along the way. Luckily, they're still at the age where Mommy and Daddy can steal all of their candy stash and they're none the wiser for it.