Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm beside myself.
The new FIO360 school will be opening in Atlantic Station this year. I would give my right arm ... well, maybe my left ... to get the girls into this school.
Of course, all that 'fabulousness' comes with a price. $1,605 per child, per month to be exact. Of course... there's the gratious 10% discount for siblings .. sure, THAT helps out. Ouch.

Where's Ed McMahon knocking on your door when you need him??

(btw .. if any of our gratious readers would like to fund our little darlings for the next few years .. we're not too proud.....
Just sayin')

The girls seem to understand the concept of genetics ....

.. and it worries them.

You may remember the photo below from last year ..

Well, it seems that Reese has the same concerns that Kaelin did. She was watching a show today and I caught her "stuffing" ...

Maybe no one will notice ....

busted... poor thing looks so defeated. I have a feeling that's a face I'll be seeing again in high school. Sorry kid.