Friday, August 22, 2008

excuse the absence..

.. but I'm in birthday hell. I've been so busy planning the girls' third birthday that I've had no time to post. Yes, they turned THREE on August 20th. I'm beside myself. Where did my babies go? I was looking at pictures from their NICU days .. I struggle to remember just how small they are. A friend crocheted some adorable little hats for me to give to Laraleigh (who's little Julia might be coming today!) and I was holding them in my hand marveling at how tiny they are. LL's babe will be just under Reese's birth weight of 2.5 pounds, so the hats would have fit Reese perfectly. Sitting in my hand, it only took up the middle of my palm. How can a human head possibly be that small?! I remember the photo of Reese's hand holding onto David's finger. Her entire hand fit in between the middle creases of his finger. Crazy.
Posting a video of the girls opening a few of their presents .. they're very good at making you feel like you found the PERFECT gift. So funny.

Before I do ... please send Laraleigh some prayers today .. she may be leaking amniotic fluid which means that J Bird will taken by C Section today. Seeing as how the girls came and went through the preemie days so well, I have no doubt that this little babe is a fighter too (and if you know her older brother Mason, you know that spirit definitely runs in her blood!) and that she will go on to greatness.
Lots of strong baby / peaceful Momma vibes would be greatly appreciated today.