Thursday, March 1, 2007


It's always days like today .. when she's a whiny mess .. that she can pull out a look like this and bring me to my knees. I'm such a sucker.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kaelin : one ... Mommy : zero

There goes my free time .... *sigh*

Photos from today

Reese loves her books

Kaelin playing with some fabric

Reese, shoving cheerios in her mouth .. You can dress her up ..............

Kaelin ... What happens when you only grow hair down the middle of your head and mommy gets bored .... Rock on!


As all of you know .. the fact that our girls have come so far is an absolute miracle.
Their birth at 29 weeks held so many "what ifs" Back then, we had neonatologists explaining every condition, delay, and problem that the girls could face due to their prematurity. Somehow they have amazed everyone with their progress and the fact that they have absolutely no lasting effects of such an early arrival.

The work that the March of Dimes does made this possible. If it had not been for this organization and the work that they have done in the field of prematurity, chances are the girls would not have survived.
We will be participating in their WalkAmerica campaign this year in April. You can go to our site and help us out by making a donation in the girls name or, if you are in the are in the area ... joining us to walk!
Every little bit helps and can be instumental in saving the lives of babies who otherwise wouldn't stand a chance!


Then and now

Monday, February 26, 2007

Reese loves yogurt too!We have started giving the girls YoBaby organic yogurt ... and they are thrilled. I worked up the nerve to taste some the other day (NOT a big fan of the stuff) and I discovered why ... it tastes like the icing on Cinnabons! I am amazed that an organic yogurt company geared toward babies and kids feels the need to make their yogurt taste like dessert. The girls better enjoy this while they can, because the next shopping trip may produce a variety much less likely to put them in a sugar coma. I’m terrified of giving them tofu again ... which used to be their favorite breakfast treat (mixed with bananas). Now that they have tasted the dark side, I’m afraid it may be hard to bring them back to bland and healthy! Wish us luck.
Kaelin loves her yogurt.

This is what a snake says ...

I give up

Well .. the food allergy thing is now no longer under advisement. Apparently I’m not as smart as I thought after all ..
Crazy, I know …
I tested her with everything I could think of .. no reactions. Sooooo .. I guess that’s a good thing .. at least I don’t have to watch her every second of every day to make sure she’s not getting her hands into something that will make her sick. Of course, it also means that I’m back to square one … ya know, the square where we have no idea what is wrong with my child. Awesome.

She’s getting better .. the rash is still there but it is fading. She does have one nasty diaper rash .. the looks of which I have only seen in horror movies .. for some strange reason, it doesn’t bother her at all … I can’t even begin to fathom how something that looks like pure evil in a tangible form can’t be as painful as it looks .. but she has absolutely NO reaction to it. I can’t help but to think that this is somehow tied into this whle rash drama. I’m super happy that the stomach rash is going (knock on wood!) and hope that her little tushie gets better soon too.

Of course, as if my life would have it any other way, Reese now has the rash starting on HER stomach. Ugh.
She was also up last night from 1am to 3am pitching a fit. Nothing would soothe her. So I suppose it IS viral after all. I just can’t comprehend why Kaelin has had this ongoing since the 9th of this month and Reese is just now getting it. Nothing about this makes any sense to me. I’m so frustrated.

I get a tad pissy when Doctors can’t tell me what’s wrong. Probably stems from my years and years of trying to make my doctors understand that something wasn’t right with me and the fact that I was sooooo tired all the time. Test after test after test after test .. they kept finding nothing ..

“Everything looks fine .. you’re in perfect health .. it must be in your head!”
Well, excuse me .. I am fully aware that there is a LOT wrong with my head (please don’t email me lists of your thoughts on the subject .. thank you) but this isn’t one of those things!

My Doctor at Emory who finally discovered that the problem was a minor form of narcolepsy was a bit shocked when he came in to tell me after my sleep study that, yes, something WAS wrong .. and I clapped excitedly like a two year old at Christmas. Guess people aren’t normally thrilled to get a diagnosis like that. I was giddy. I just felt like finally someone figured out that I wasn’t making this up and understood that I really did feel awful! Yippee!
(Of course, the kicker was that as he began to tell me about all the drugs we could try that would make me feel like an actual human being again .. I had to tell him that I had just found out that I was pregnant so I couldn’t go on anything for AT LEAST another year. Again, my life wouldn’t have it any other way)

SO, now here I am AGAIN .. knowing full well that something is wrong and no one can give me answers.
I may have to look for a great nanny and just give in and go to medical school ……

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dang it

Well, the little buggers must have had something after all (although I’m still focused on the rash being food related) .. but Kaelin must have had something else on top of that because David felt sick day Tuesday and I was a mess Wednesday and most of today. Taking care of twins while you’re sick is fun fun fun! I’ll have to do it more often.

Kaelin is 100% better .. well, she is if you forget the fact that she is a temperamental nightmare lately.
Everything seems to set her off.
I’m really rallying against the thought that it’s just her hitting the appropriate “I don’t have to listen to you .. screaming is fun .. let’s see what happens if I smack my sister really hard” age.
Hoping and praying that it’s just lingering after effects of not feeling well. ugh.

I’m tired.