Sunday, September 28, 2008

I can't explain it either.

I haven't decided if it's harder to explain why Reese has her head in the toilet ... or why I took the time to run for the camera and take a picture.
Which one makes me seem less of a horrible mother?

Rest assured, after the pic I scrubbed her face and hands in the sink .. then with Purell .. then once again in the sink for good measure.
After that I explained that there would be plenty of time to contemplate the inner workings of the commode when she gets to college.

That's when she gave me the look. Ya know.. the one that seems to scream, "College?! Yeah right Mom .. try Middle School. I'm karma personified."


Grandaddy needs a shave

Grandaddy decided that he needed a shave .. the girls were more than happy to help.

Grandaddy's house

The girls and I took a trip to Mississippi last week to see Grandaddy. The girls had a great time and were awesome on the six hour drive in both directions.
We only had two stumbling blocks on the drive. One was on the way there .. We had to wait in line to get gas for almost an hour in a half in Alabama. Ouch. The second was a brief barf attack by Kaelin on the way back. Ick. It was totally my fault .. I forgot to water down her juice (which I still always do) and I gave her a huge cup of it as we left Mississippi. I didn't think that she would guzzle the entire thing down at once. Turns out I was mistaken .. didn't take long for that juice to reappear. Not fun.
Despite the setbacks, the girls were troopers and spent the rest of the drives singing songs, telling stories and drawing pictures.

A few photos ..

Taking a ride on a train..

.. apparently driven by a man fully qualified to give rides to children.

Reese on the Merry-Go-Round

Kaelin finally getting to ride a Motorcycle.

Reese at Grandaddy's neighborhood playground.

Kaelin playing with Grandaddy