Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What's Been Going On

I have been busy the past few weeks working on a custom order for some canvas pieces for a mom of triplets. I am close to completing them so my brain is slowly coming back from lala land. I have decided that once I get my business up and running, custom orders will require a much higher price! I’m exhausted.

We have been up to the same old stuff .. playdates .. shopping for cute winter clothes (which is suprisingly hard .. of course, I am the pickiest momma on the planet!) .. learning new words … so on and so forth.

I hosted a playgroup for Koalamommas a few weeks ago. A mom came with a variety of different slings and wraps and baby carriers and explained the pros and cons of each. I LOVE wearing the girls in my sling but had been getting some shoulder pain from it .. turns out all I needed to do was shift them a little bit and problem solved. Also learned that if we had only one baby I would be using a different carrier .. but since I can’t do it that often I decided it wasn’t worth the money. Maybe with number three … if there IS a number three!! (Oh, I hope there’s a number three!!) Actually hosting the group (which was mostly friends) was my way of getting out of travelling to one of the weekly meetings to have my question answered. Sneaky sneaky. We had fun .. but of course a few days later the girls got sick … always happens when mommy tries to socialize! The girls were covered in tiny red spots and were really grumpy for two days .. turns out it was just some weird virus …
Unfortunately, Reese has gotten Transient Synovitus as a result .. basically that’s just some hip pain due to the virus that she had a week ago .. poor little thing was screaming every time she tried to stand. Not fun for a mommy to have to watch that. She’s better now, thanks to the miracle of Motrin. If she is not better completely by Thursday, we’ll be taking her in for xrays to be sure there isn’t a fracture somewhere. I think she’ll be fine though … seems SO much better today and is walking .. albeit a little weird .. but at least she’s on her feet!

Kaelin had a moment of greatness today. She was looking at a picture book.. giggling at the dog on the page. I said, “dog” .. and she looked up at me and said it right back. “Dog!” Okay .. no real big deal there .. she is our big talker so that didn’t suprise me .. what DID though was that after she said it, she made the sign for dog! (three pats on her leg) I haven’t shown her that sign for weeks! Guess she WAS paying attention all those times I did it .. who knew?! Completely threw me for a loop. I will be contacting MENSA in the morning.
I suppose there’s a parenting lesson in there .. those little boogers are paying attention to everything you do even when it seems that they are ignoring you .. so watch your step! (and your mouth while you’re at it!)

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