Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm a genius.

Well .. it's taken me a few days to update .. I forgot how to log into my account. Brilliant.

The weather has been GORGEOUS! We have finally gotten the girls into their summer dresses and are spending time playing outside again.
Our time playing in the front yard would be great if it wasn't for the fact that thee two little buggers are enthralled with the street. Everytime you turn them loose they make a mad dash for the road. Not to mention the fact that they seem to understand now that if one goes right and the other goes left, mommy can only catch one of them. So much for relaxing afternoons on the blanket in the grass. I am toying with the idea of getting one of those stakes for dogs that goes into the ground and you attach the leashes to. Either that or an invisible fence. Those shocks they get aren't THAT bad right? I mean, if a chihuahua can survive it .. the girls can .. right?
Damn the threat of DFACS for spoiling my summer fun.

Reese loves her golf set

Kaelin prefers her tutu


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