Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I was the coolest mom ever .. until I uploaded the pictures ..

After a fun filled day of playgroups, lunch outings with friends, playing in the front yard and then playing with neighbors in their yard, we decided that we needed just a tad more excitement to end the day right. Out came a big white sheet and some finger paints. The girls had a blast .. albeit a mesy one .. thankfully, we had the bath drawn and waiting for them when they were done.

After all of the fun of artistic expression I uploaded the photos onto my computer only to discover that all of the photos were of Reese! I had none of Kaelin....

ugh. Bad mommy.
I will say that she wasn't nearly as into as her sister .. so I guess the artist in me just naturally gravitated toward capturing Reese's joy.

Still ...

Bad Bad Mommy.

Reese doing her best Jackson Pollock impression ..........

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