Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More to come ...

The girls have been sick. Sick, sick, sick ... for TWO weeks! ugh. I decided to hold a playgroup and this is the thanks we get .. sheesh. Everyone who came caught the same bug. Of course, my girls decided to get sick at different times .. which is both a blessing AND a curse .. not sure if it's better or worse that way. Two weeks of being stuck in the house .. I'm just not one of those people who lets their kiddos interact with others while they're sick. That annoys me to no end. Seeing "that" kid come over to my girls with the thick, green snot dangling out of a nostril is enough to send me looking for the nearest Bell Tower. Ick. Seriously, people .. have some decorum for crying out loud. Or at the very least a tissue! (Yes, I'm talking to you oblivious mom at The Children's Museum.) At least we didn't have to deal with the seizure episode again.

Lots going on ..
Kaelin is OUT OF CONTROL with her speech .. she is way above her age level as far as her verbal skills go. She knows her shapes, colors, can count a little ... she wants to know the name of anything and everything. Her newest word is "toot" (ha!) which is appropriate considering how often she does just that (I'm sorry baby .. but its the truth) She cracks up hysterically when she does so ... and announces it with great pleasure. Tonight she even tried to blame one on Daddy which was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. She let one go at dinner and immediately looked at David and said "Daddddy!" So funny. She also has two sentences .. "What's dat" and "I want dat" . She manages to sucker Mommy continually with that last one. It is always prefaced by this wide eyed, amazed *gasp* .. She knows I'm a sucker for the gasp. Damn... need to bone up on my tough mommy routine before it gets too out of control.
On the bright side, she has started giving the greatest hugs. Hugs were reserved for sister for a long time .. but she has just started giving us these wonderfully tight, sweet hugs every now and then. Love it.

Reese is definitely the quiet one .. I realized recently that this probably has to do with the fact that the poor kid cant get a word in edgewise with Kaelin around even if she wanted to! When it's just her and me, she tends to be a bit more vocal. She loves singing the ABC song and Twinkle, Twinkle. She's all about dancing to Dan Zanes, Lisa Loeb, and Laurie Berkner .. she has a major crush on Steve Burns (the old host of Blues Clues who has a great song and music video that she watches) .. she loves to run .. she loves hangin' with the big kids (her cousin Layne is the bees knees in her eyes) ..
She is the one that we dread becoming a teenager. I'm calling it now ... one night we will awaken to the sound of a Harley at 3 am... We'll look outside just in time to see Reese hanging off the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle, no doubt looking back at us while giving us the finger. She's definitely the adventurous, push the limits, live life to it's fullest type. Maybe giving her the middle name of a man whose most oft-used quote is "Follow Your Bliss" wasn't such a smart move after all. Hmmm.....

I have almost gotten my sketches done for my samples. Its been long, hard process since I'm trying to keep things relatively simple (not my forte apparently) while still keeping the pieces nice enough to sell to a more upscale clientele. (ie .. pay me more money)
There has been a great response to pieces that I have done recently. I did these for a mom of triplets a few months back .. We worked together for a long time trying to come up with designs that fit the personality of each child. She was (thankfully!) thrilled with the finished products. They have led to a lot of people asking questions about custom designs and asking for a update on my website when it's up and running.

These are two that I did for the girls ..

Hopefully I can get my sketches to translate well to canvas form and get the ball rolling SOON! Having everything just kind of hanging in the air (and cluttering up my brain!) is making me a tad crazy. (and yes, I mean crazier than usual ... beat ya to it)

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