Tuesday, August 14, 2007

long overdue

I am in planning hell at the moment. We have the girls' second birthday coming up on Sunday AND we are selling a ton of our baby stuff at the North Fulton Mother's of Multiples Club consignment sale on Saturday. On top of all of that I am the team leader in charge of a group of volunteers putting up signs and passing out flyers for the sale.
Can you say stress?

I swear, I have never been this busy in my life.

Sooo .... let's see ...
the stuff that has been going on here lately ..

Kaelin had a second round of febrile seizures one night while she was sick. Again, we woke around 2 am to hear her in the middle of one. So sad to see your little one like that and know that there is nothing you can do but wait it out.
We didn't go to the hospital this time .. but we did finally call the Firefighters to come and check her stats when the seizure lasted longer than 10 minutes. She was fine ... came through it like a champ. She was super sore the next day though .. She was telling me that her arms and wrists hurt .. she kept getting frustrated and biting at them. Poor little thing. That lasted for a few days and then she was back to normal.
Looks like we will have to just kind of expect it to happen every time she comes down with something. Fun times.

The girls are growing up so fast. Kaelin is talking in sentences now .. albeit here and there.. and she is the sweetest, most considerate child. She warms my heart when I watch how she cares for her sister and when she comes to me out of the blue to give me a hug or a kiss.
She is also a tad obsessed with her cousin Cooper .. every night when I put her in bed she starts sighing his name. It's hysterical .. and disturbing. She says his name over and over in the saddest little "I miss him" voice. During the day, she will pull the blinds back, look outside and ask, "Coopah?" and then put her hands up in that questioning pose.
No doubt if she had the ability to write, she would be filling notebooks with his name .. her name .. their name ..... eek.

Reese is still the physical one .. racing here and there at breakneck speed. The bruises that constantly cover her legs show her personality perfectly. I never know where or when she gets them .. she's tough .. but good god, they're enough to warrent a call to DFACS by some concerned neighbor. I'm afraid.
She is also very interested in the potty thing .. she's definitely ready to start to tackle the whole training thing. Mommy is not pleased that this day has come so soon. My days are about to get stressful ....... and messy.

That's about all I have the brainpower to muster up right now. The rest is the same old stuff... playdates with the girls' little friends, nights out with the big girls, Gymboree classes, shopping, and trips all over the city for fun outings.

Have to get back to making birthday favor baskets .. more later .. if I survive this.

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