Wednesday, October 3, 2007

They're baaa-aaack...

...and with a vengence.
Reese had another rash break out on Monday. Woke up with a few spots all over her belly. By lunch they were starting to pop up in other places. It's been a good 6 months or so since her last one so it got our attention. We started trying to figure out what she may have come in contact with. Two new things were introduced the day before ... almond butter (of which she had VERY little) and a new shampoo that I had used to make bubbles in the tub. Either could be the culprit but it certainly doesn't explain the ones in the past.
All of the doctors have advised against allergy testing since the spots don't seem to bother her much and because she has never had a really horrible reaction (ie .. no breathing problems or shock)
This time made us worry though. It seems that with every new round, it gets worse. I'm guessing that she has a semsitivity to something and as it builds up in her system, it finally just hits the breaking point and her body freaks out in the form of these rashes. That leads me to believe that if we just go with the Doctor's reccomendations, we could be moving toward possible anaphylactic shock. Not good.
We will definitely have her tested now, although I am going to take her to a naturopath instead of an allergist. The naturopath will be able to tell if she's having a delayed reaction to something, whereas the allergists can only test for a true allergy. Many times, the alergists can miss certain sensitivities (as I understand it)
I have put a call into a highly respected naturopath not far from us. Fingers crossed we can finally get someone to take this seriously and get some answers.

This rash was different than the others ones in that the spots turned into large clusters below her belly button and under each arm. The outer edges were bright red, while the middle of each was a faint green / blue color.
Freaked me out when I saw that. I called the pedatrician on call and she assured me that normal hives can look like that .. well, as much as she could reassure me without actually seeing them in person. Glad it wasn't anything more serious .. but worried for what may be in store the next time this happens.
She'll definitely be kept away from almonds and new shampoos in the time being!

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