Sunday, November 4, 2007

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I had the Holiday Showcase Craft Fair on Friday and Saturday. After all was said and done, the two things it was really good for was to give me a deadline to get all of my samples done for my website, and also to show me how the whole vendors fair thing works.

The collection of vendors there were very different from me. Their stuff was obviously aimed at a completely different market than mine. While most of my pieces are in the $65 range, their stuff was selling for MUCH cheaper. I told my mom that I felt like the Ritz Carlton in a sea of Super 8 Motels. Ha!

There was a vendor directly across from me selling decorative accessories for children as well. She had frames and wall plaques that were painted a solid color and then decorated with stickers ..... stickers! She sold a lot of stuff because the prices were so cheap and because she had items that could be bought and taken right then. All of my stuff was was for orders only. Kind of painful to watch tacky wall hangings decorated with fifty cent stickers flying off the shelves while I'm sitting with pieces that took hours to think through and complete. Ouch.
I did get two new ideas from looking at her stuff though .. of course, I will be doing them more upscale (does that sound snooty?) but good ideas nonetheless.

I did get a number people who wanted to talk further about doing some custom pieces, so that's good. Also, a lot of my flyers went home with shoppers, so at least my name is getting out there. In the next two weeks the website should be completed and online. Now I have to figure out ways of advertising that won't cost me an arm and a leg!
I plan on taking my flyers to different locations and will look into the cost of advertising in some of the local parenting magazines. I will also send my site to some of the more well known baby blogs that get a lot of traffic and will see if they are interested in reviewing my stuff.

I'm happy with the way that my product line has turned out and am so thankful that the hard part is over and done! Finally .. samples!
My friend, Laraleigh will take the photos for the site and David will get it up and running within the next two weeks.

Two friends showcased their stuff there as well. Definitely check out their sites .. they are wonderful!

My friend Stephanie makes THE most adorable pillowcase dresses, the girls are proud owners of three of them already. Im sure that there will be many future purchases as well. When the girls wear them we get so many compliments on how adorable they look! (and she has some pretty cute models on her website too! shameless..)
If you have a little girl .. or know someone who does .. these are a MUST! Her prices are phenominal too .. these dresses sell for MUCH more in the Buckhead boutiques!
Get shopping!

Laraleigh is a professional photographer who can do anything and everything you need. She is based here, but has traveled all over to do shoots for weddings.
She is amazing with kids too. She can get the girls to behave and pose for the camera a lot better than anyone else we have ever worked with. Definitely better than Momma! She will create books, make prints, or put photos on chipboard in arrangements that are artistic and breathtaking. Brilliant! Another great thing about her services is that you can get all of your shots on cd so that you can decide what to do with them as far as printing. That's huge considering that most photographers retain your negatives in order to charge you an arm and a leg for prints in the future.

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