Sunday, December 9, 2007

Got the tree this weekend!

We have had an artificial tree up on the upstairs landing for a while now .. ya know, one for all of the girls' tacky ... er, precious .. handmade ornaments and character stuff. This weekend we cut down the tree that will go in the living room. The girls had a blast and are sooo excited to have it up and decorated. Amazingly enough, they haven't touched one ornament. Good thing because most of the ones on there are glass. They just stand and stare it .. little "wow"s whispered here and there. Love it.

Reese playing in the cotton field on the way to find our tree

Kaelin decided we needed some Christmas rocks ..

When the tree finally came down, the girls were a tad nervous. Reesey kept saying "uh oh!" in a shaky little voice. We were close to a melt down but as soon as we told them we were taking the tree to the house they got excited again

Reese cuddled up with the farm dog, Daisy

Pulling the tree to the car

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