Saturday, April 12, 2008

She looks so big.

Where have my babies gone?!?!

This picture was taken after I told Kaelin it was time to come inside for lunch. Her response? "No."
Once again .. "Kaelin James .. inside now."
Response .. "I'm a Princess!" (said very emphatically and a sassy little head twirl.)
Then she went back to what she was doing.

I've created a monster.

It certainly didn't help matters that I just couldn't discipline her for that one. I was too busy trying to keep from falling on the ground laughing.
Later that day we had a loooong talk about how yes, she is a Princess ... but Mommy is a Queen!
She didn't seem too enthralled with that conversation though. Surely her brain filtered most of that out.

We're sooo in trouble by the time the hormones kick in. I feel for her future boyfriends too. None of us stand a chance.

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