Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The universe has a wonderful sense of irony ...

Or it hates me. I haven't decided yet.

The May issue of Portico Magazine is out now. I was asked to contribute a piece on motherhood, since it's their Mother's Day Issue.
I wrote it a few months ago, and my dad emailed me a copy of it this morning.

Now, before I go any further .. I'll let you in on something about me.

I. Hate. Clowns.

Most who know me are aware of this fact ... the poor kids I used to teach are probably still recovering from the day a clown wandered through the halls of the school unannounced and peered into my classroom.
Clowns = Scary in my book.
Sneaky Clowns = Well, that's just the first scene out of any B rated horror flick in my opinion.
The results of that weren't pretty. Tears, hives, asthma attack ..... the works.
I don't know when it started ... maybe I caught a documentary on John Wayne Gacy as a kid and filed it away in my memory bank. Wherever .. whenever it started .. it stuck.

Back to the magazine.
So ... I open the email attachments and see the cover.

Yep .. you guessed it ...

Touche, Universe. Touche.

(More on the article in a few ... my battery is almost dead and the girls are starting to wake up from their nap.)

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