Monday, June 2, 2008

Prayers and positive thoughts needed ..

.. for the sweetest little "baby bug" I've ever seen ..

Our friend Laraleigh is in need of some healthy baby vibes.
Posting some excerpts from her family updates...

"Now we have a new space in our updates for our future baby GIRL!!
Julia Ellon Forester is expected to arrive on or before 10/15/2008.
She is referred to as Baby Bug around here at the moment since Mason
wanted to know how big she was and I said, "Well, she's about as big
as a bug." And from that point on it stuck. Baby Julia is getting
alot of love from her biggest brother so far. He comes up to me and
says "I love that baby bug in your belly." And he was very excited to
feel her kick a while back! I had to step in on Julia's behalf b/c he
wanted to kick her back!!
We had a 20 week ultrasound this past Tuesday and we have some news
about our little bug that we would like to ask prayers for. The dr's
have told us with 90% certainty that this baby will be born with a
form of dwarfism. Her legs and arms are measuring extremely short
(about 4 weeks behind at this point). We have done a ton of research
in the last week just to get an idea of what we might be dealing with,
but as there are over 200 different kinds of dwarfism, it's very hard
to narrow down an exact diagnosis. In fact, that likely won't happen
until the baby's birth. Julia's heart looks good and her organs are
fine at this point.
Josh has been amazing from the first moment of
worry and has really been a rock for me through this. We are both
confident that this is God's will and that we are blessed to be
trusted with such a difficult situation, so please pray for continued
strength for us, as well as continued growth for Julia. Our biggest
fear at the moment is that her abdominal circumference will continue
to decline and that could mean a lethal form of dwarfism so a prayer
for that not to happen would be extremely appreciated.
I will continue to go through this pregnancy as I have the other two, so
bedrest is a very real possibility as well as preterm labor/delivery.
There are a few increased risks for preterm complications and as a
result we are avoiding the offerred amniocentisis at the moment. "

"I have done alot of research and feel compelled to ask for prayers in a BIG BIG way. Since there are over 200 types of dwarfism and we are pretty certain we won't know what kind until her birth, we have been looking at her measurements and charting them to hopefully shed some light on what it's not. I know that the show Little People Big World is popular and alot of people can only think of dwarfism in that light, so it's been especially hard telling family, etc. without feeling like they are making light of our situation b/c the Roloff's live normal lives/function in society, etc. That's not to say it's not a comfort that the Roloff's are doing so well, but our situation can't be chalked up to "no big deal" based on their's.
So anyway, what we know is that our baby is measuring on target for a type of lethal dwarfism called Thanatophoric Dysplasia. This doesn't mean she will for sure have it, as the charts/graphs I have only relate to about 4-7 different types of dwarfism, so there are over 190 not even accounted for. Basically, the charts take the most common types of dwarfism and show the femur length associated for corresponding gestational ages. So, that being said, our numbers put us in the danger zone at the moment. Thanatophoric Dysplasia is the MOST common form of skeletal dysplasia. Achondroplasia is the second most common form (the most common among living), so that has us somewhat worried.
We are secure in the knowledge that things may or may not happen this way but don't want to take things too lightly. So we are sending everything we have up to God just to protect our baby and ensure continuous growth. So if you are the praying kind, please pray that the little one stays on the same growth curve and that her Abdominal Circumference does not go down any further than it has. If it does the chances of this being lethal are much higher. "

Thanks for reading .. and for adding Laraleigh and her family to your thoughts and prayers. It's very much appreciated!

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