Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're alive.

Finally a free moment to post ... things have been hectic.
I'm in the process of FINALLY getting the girls' bathroom painted and decorated, changing my art room into the playroom (so tired of toys all over downstairs!) and staying sane just trying to keep up with these two.

The girls are great.
Kaelin is apparently full of teenage angst ... "Moooommm ... my day is soooo hard! (throws arms over her head, collapses on the couch and lets out a loud, dramatic "uuuuugh!") All of this after I asked her to put 2 books back on the shelf. She also has a boyfriend in her class. His name is Shyan and she sighs his name ... SIGHS his name. One night at dinner, out of the blue, she said in a breathy voice, "He's just the cutest boy I've ever seen." and then got this dopey far away look in her eyes. Oh dear.

Reese is busying herself with finding out how far she has to push in order to get her parents to break. She has perfected the art of ignoring me to such a degree that I'm planning on getting her hearing tested. I'm about 99% certain that it's her stubborn nature more than her ears ... not sure which diagnosis is worse.
She's a love though .. and I must admit that part of me is extremely impressed by her strong will. As frustrating as it can be for the grown ups, it's nice to see that she doesn't feel that she has to please everyone, all the time. School bullies will have nothing on her.

We had a few flurries the other day. The girls were super excited .. of course, by the time we got on their coats and shoes it was over. Nothing like a Southern snowfall to screw with your fun. Stone Mountain has snow right now ... fake snow, but lots of it. I was really looking forward to taking the girls .... until I looked at the website. $25 per person for two hours. $100 to freeze in fake snow?! Ouch.
Luckily, the girls have the attention spans of goldfish right now and they don't remember how much I talked it up. In the future, I need to remember to check all the details before I go running my mouth. Dodged a whiny bullet this time!

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