Thursday, March 19, 2009

First trip to the Dentist

The girlies had their first Dentist appointment last week. They were so excited and did great. Reese was a tad apprehensive once we got in the room, but the second she saw that the chair went up and down she exclaimed, "Rocket Chair!" and tried to talk Kaelin out of going first.
Dr. Roberts said that their teeth are perfect .. phew!
After paying a ridiculous amount of money for an easy 30 minute visit, I'm thinking that next time I'll have the girls scream obnoxiously the entire time... just to make the dentist work a little harder for it.

Kaelin, patiently waiting to be called back.

Reese playing in the waiting room

Kaelin is the first in the chair

Everything looks good!

Reesey's turn in the "rocket chair"

Picking out a prize after the appointment. (Once we got home, Reese pulled three extra prizes out of her pockets. whoops. )

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