Friday, February 23, 2007

false alarm

Yesterday I gave Kaelin a slice of apple. She held it up proudly and exclaimed, “APPO!!” So cute. I gave her another slice for her other hand. Again, she held up her arms .. then she said, “TWO APPO!!!”
When the heck did this kid learn to count??
Of course she looked very pleased with herself.
Momma went home to google the college tuitions of Harvard and Yale.

Today I tried the counting thing again with her. I help up a book and she pointed and said, “book!” Okay. I held up a second book … she pointed at the other one and said, “book!”
I asked, “How many books does mommy have?”

Kaelin’s response?


uh .. okay .. guess I’ll have to put away the eary admissions forms for another day.

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