Saturday, February 24, 2007

my child has spots and the doctor is a quack.

Still dealing with the seemingly unending drama that is Kaelin's belly. I posted before about her rash .. we're going on 2 weeks here and no change. It's getting ridiculous.
After the two puke episode that ocurred the other night I decided to take her in to the doctor. Of course, our doctor was off so I took her to someone else in the practice.

It was a super productive visit.
Me? Sarcastic?? Never.

The doc looked at her tummy .. and thought it looked like a reaction that a lot of kids get from strep. I reminded him that the last time she broke out like this and we brought her in the doctor said the same thing (again .. not our doctor .. I'm beginning to think there's a consipracy against us at this practice) and they tested her .. negative. I then told him that a few weeks later we met with our regular pediatrician and she said she didn't think it was a viral thing .. maybe a food allergy. That's when I discovered that Reese (who had the spots then too) was really allergic to ketchup. (We have since discovered that while she is allergic to regular ketchup, she has no reaction to organic ketchup .. a girl after her mommy's heart)
He stuck by his thought and ordered a test. Fine. Whatever guy.

I then noticed that the spot where I had rubbed a Nilla Wafer on her back (while she was prancing around nude in the exam room and mommy was trying to quiet the little howler monkeys with cookies .. I'm not proud) had started to break out a bit. I told Mr Man about it and his reaction was "hmmm .."

"HMMM??" What the heck is that? He didn't even come over to look .. just said, "well, her throat looked a little red so let's test for strep" I wanted to shake him.

Hellloooo?!?! I just .. why can't you .. her back is ... Nilla wafer ... aaarrrggghhhh.

SO .. the evil nurse comes in and gags my child to get the darn sample for the strep test. We wait 10 minutes .. all the while with Kaelin making endless overexaggerated gagging noises which was very entertaining to her sister to me... and lo and behold .. the test was negative.


After all of that we are back where we were before we walked into Dr McQuack's office.

I'm sticking to my food allergy theory. I now have eliminated all possible trigger foods from her diet .. which is super fun trying to get her to eat now since she only likes foods that are possible allergens. You should see the song and dance show I have to put on at lunch in order to take her mind off of what's on her plate (or what's NOT on her plate) It's ridiculous. I hope the neighbors don't catch me in the moment and call a neighborhood meeting about that crazy Burdette girl.

It may be a corn allergy .. or more specifically, an allergy to high fructose corn syrup .. I am fairly certain she's had corn in the past with no reactions but with twins it seems you only retain mere glimpses of days past.
It's really kind of scary what HFCS is in .. I had no idea it was hiding in some of the foods they eat. We mainly stick to an organic diet around here (much to the dismay of daddy's wallet) but a few regular things were in the kitchen .. like the ketchup .. Nilla Wafers .. and a bean soup (SOUP!) that she had a few nights ago.
ICK! Luckily the organic versions of these things seem to steer clear of the additive (which is soooo unhealthy for you even if you take the allergy thing out of the equation).

Fingers crossed we figure this out soon. If all else fails I suppose we'll be looking for a good pediatric allergist. Although, I'm beginning to think that Dr Mom is the only one who has a clue.

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