Saturday, April 21, 2007

Our night from hell

Before I explain let me say this first .. Kaelin is now FINE .. but we had quite the scare last night ..

Kaelin has been fighting some virus since Thursday ... the only symptoms have been a slight runny nose and a fever that ranges from 100 to 103 degrees.
Last night she went to sleep and around 2 am we woke to crying. David got up to check on the girls and as I listened I realized that the sound that I was hearing wasn't crying, it was something that I had not heard before. Kind of a loud, repetative exhalation sound. As I realized that the sounds were not the normal cry and that they had not stopped when David went in the room I started to panic a bit and ran to the nursery.
I met David at the door as he was rushing Kaelin into our room. The look on his face terrified me .. I turned to light on in the bathroom and we could see that our precious little Kaelin was in the middle of a fairly serious seizure. Her back was arched and locked, her arms rigid with fists clenched, and her eyes were rolled back into her head. She was jerking rhythmically and the sound that was coming from her was absolutely terrifying.
Luckily, I had happened to look up information on high fevers in toddlers a few nights before in order to know if and when we should call her doctor. So I knew immediately that she was having a febrile seizure due to the high fever. Of course, even knowing what was going on, seeing your child in that way is the most horrific, terrifying and heartbreaking feeling that we have ever had.
David immediately called 911 and we had an ambulance come to help. An hour and three seizures later she was loaded into the ambulance and I rode with them to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. David stayed with Reese until my mom could get to the house to watch her for us but he soon made his way down to be with us.
She was a bit dazed and tired and the hospital but all in all she was fine. They gave her some Tylenol to lower her temperature and monitored her for about an hour before sending us home at 4:30 am. She slept with David and me for three hours and then woke happy and alert.

She did great today, aside from a huge meltdown at naptime which we believe is due to the fact that coming to in an ambulance surrounded by strangers scared her to death and now she associates sleeping with the experience. It seems are back to rocking her to sleep in the safety of mommy or daddy's arms for a while.
Her fever was definitle lower today than it has been in days so that's a good sign. Of course, David and I are hyperconscious now of every little sound that comes through the monitor and probably will be for some time.
She has about a 30 - 40% chance of having a reoccurrance if her temp spikes again .. but we are surely hoping and praying that she doesn't go through that again. If she does have another one we will have to take her back to the emergency room. If she doesn't have any more but still has the fever on Monday, we will be going to her pediatrician to do some testing to rule out the scary stuff like meningitus. Fingers crossed that doesn't have to happen.
So all in all .. a very eventful night for all of us.
Please keep Miss Kaelin in your thoughts and prayers that she gets over this soon and that we don't have any more nights like we had last night.

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