Friday, April 20, 2007

quick update

Kaelin is miserable .. high fever (102 degrees with Tylenol in her system!) and just not feeling good .. who could blame her! Reese has apparently been studying up on howler monkeys when no one is looking because I swear she has the act down perfect .. The climbing and screeches of joy are enough to make mommy even more crazy than she already is!
With all of that going on .. this will have to be short and to the point.

The new stuff...
1) The girls know their primary colors .. so proud of them .. the other day David and I took them to a playground and Kaelin walked around pointing out different objects and teling me their color. They also can recognize and say circle, triangle, heart, star and sometimes square. Smart little babes we have.
2) They are now into kissing each other constantly .. it cracks them up. Kaelin also has started to kiss Reese on the back of the head for no reason .. soooo deliciously cute. She'll be walking by .. see her sister sitting on the floor playing .. and just walk over and smooch her head. Love.
3) Reese is apparently smitten with Steve, the old host of Blues Clues. She walks through the house saying "steeeve" in this soft little winsome voice. When she sees him on tv this turns into a high pitched screech of his name followed by laughing and dancing .. While they don't really watch Blue's Clues, there is a song that he sings on a show called Jack's Big Music Show .. which we are big fans of here .. Mommy thinks it's a pretty cool song so it's easily tolerated. Her first boyfriend ....
4) Reese apparently no longer needs more than 4 hours of sleep .. this has gone on for the last two nights ...
The first time I went out with the girls for coffee and when I came home at midnight I fiund her awake, happy and energetic with Daddy .. Of course, I ended up laughing at her antics .. big mistake at midnight! That just egged her on more ...
After that I was up until three a.m.
Last night we put her down at 7:30 and she proceeded to sing and giggle and play in her crib until 10 pm. She was quiet for maybe an hour and a half and then the operatics began again ... happy little songs and screeches coming from her room. I have NO idea how poor Kaelin sleeps with that kid next to her ... it was driving mommy and daddy nuts. She either fell asleep around 1 or I just finally passed out and didn't hear the dramatics. David had to get up at 4 b/c she was crying .. No clue what the heck she thinks nightime is for but she apparently has forgotten about how the whole sleep for 12 hours thing works.
5) We missed the March of Dimes Walk ..... we went out there but got completely lost. I finally figured out that the fault lies with the MoD website .. they had the OLD address of the spot on there .. apparently they are notorius for having bad info. Wish I had known that ahead of time! Luckily there are walks all over Atlanta in the coming months so we'll shoot for another location (and I will make SURE I know where we are going THIS time!)
6) We are still having BIG fun with our friends here .. lots of playgroups and outings .. I love that the girls have friends at this age .. it's so cute to see the recognition on their faces when they see one of them. Fun fun fun.

Will post photos tonight .. for some reason the site is having trouble uploading them at the moment and it's taking forever!

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