Monday, June 25, 2007

We are sooo enjoying summer ....

Does sarcasm come through in type?

The girls are sick .... again. I swear, it's unending.
Reese got sick last Wednesday .. seemed to be a cold that morphed into a nast respitory thing .. the rattle in the chest, faint wheeze while breathing, not sleeping well, horrid congestion and coughing, with a low grade fever. Of course, not to be outdone by the dramatics of her sister, Kaelin started having the same symptoms a day and a half later. While Reese got better on Sunday, Kaelin got much worse. This morning she woke at 7 am (ack!) with a temp of 103 and was coughing so much that she couldn't get a breath in. She was making the most painful wheezing noise trying to get some air. Not fun.
I called the pediatrician to make sure I knew what to look for in case this turned into a bacterial thing which needed be treated. When they heard about the wheezing, they had us come in for a look.
Turns out that both have ear infections.
So... another round of antibiotics for them, which I hate.... but hopefully this will get them feeling better soon.

On a lighter note ...
Reese has just started talking more, which makes me laugh because it seemed to start up when Kaelin started to lose her voice and got quiet from not feeling well. I always suspected that she was the quiet one mainly because no one can get a word in edgewise with Kaelin's incessant chatter.
She is very excited about her new "voice" .. and is loving going around pointing out colors to me. The downside is that almost every night I hear her chirping away on the monitor .. which she usually does, just some mindless babble here and there when she wakes. The problem is that now I hear, "Mommy ... Mommy .. Mommy ... Momieeeee"
If that doesn;t make you want to drop everything and run up to her, nothing will! I know full well that she's just happily making conversation with herself, but it still tugs at the heartstrings and I end up going in for a hug and get greeted with an excited "Hi!!!" This of course means that she's now wide awake, excited to see me ... and planning on having fun with mommy for an hour or so at 3 am. Ugh. I need some earplugs.

Last night before I got her I heard her saying softly, "Mommy .. Mommy .. no no no ... Mommy .. no"
I had to think back to the day and try and figure out if I had overused that word! I decided that she was just reacting to a dream ... not repeating Mommy's favorite mantra! Suuuure.

I have noticed that while the girls have been sick that Kaelin seems to need her sister more. I catch her all the time sitting next to Reese, gently stroking the back of her hair. Of course, this drives Miss Independent nuts, and she is constantly shaking her head or trying to lean away .. but Kaelin just moves with her. When I stopped to think about it, I realized that Kaelin has always been very attached to Reese. Constantly getting in Reese's face saying, "Hi Reesey!" and following her around demanding, "Kiss! Kiss!" She will pass Reese and kiss her on the back of her head, always wants to play with her and know what she's doing when we are out with their little friends, and when she wakes, the first words are almost always, "Reesey?"
Reese, on the other hand, seems to need a break from the constant barrage of sisterly love. If we are playing at someone else's house, she will try and find a quiet corner to play .. or will leave an activity if Kaelin joins in. Unfortunately for Kaelin, she seems to have the soul of an only child. Of course, she loooves her sister .. and relishes in the fact that her best friend is always here when she needs / wants her .. but for crying out loud, is a break every now and then too much to ask for??
The only child in me feels her pain.

I am already stressing over their second birthday. You would think that I was in a quest to end world hunger or bring peace to Iraq ... not just trying to figure out fun birthday ideas for two year olds! Sometimes even I am amazed by my "life or death" priorities.

Of course ... that doesn't stop me.
I have become a master at quieting the rational side of my brain.

Are ponies too much? I mean, come on ... we have the perfect yard for ponies... it would be a shame to let a "pony lawn" go to waste. Right?
The only thing that has stopped me from going completely overboard is the fact that their birthday is in August. The heat is a huge factor here in Atlanta... especially when it comes to ponies.
Two little birthday princesses, all dressed up in obnoxiously frilly dresses and smelling of sweaty pony isn't really the "look" I'm going for.
(oh good lord .. that reminds me .. I need to shop for birthday attire!! I can imagine the number of eyes rolling at that comment .. knock it off and humor me... you ALL should just expect this from me by now)

Off to google.

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