Friday, March 14, 2008

Poor little Piggy

Soooo ... yesterday was my first day out of bed. I woke up, came downstairs, and was met by Kaelin asking, "Feel better honey?"
Gotta love it.

I felt good .. as good as you can feel while deathly ill anyway ... so I decided to celebrate my new vertical outlook on life with a bowl of Cheerios.

I go to the pantry and try and open the door.
Instantly I realize that something is wrong. Not only is the door not opening, but there is a mind numbing pain shooting through my big toe. The crunching sound was a lovely addition too.
Yep .. brainiac here had somehow managed to pull the door open on top of my toe. ouch.
Nothing says, "Welcome back to the world of the living!" quite like a big toe that's turned colors I've only seen on CSI. Brilliant.
It doesn't hurt much today .. but it certainly certainly looks like it should.

It's really a shame to waste such a fabulously grotesque injury by getting it when we're all sick and holed up at home. It's not like David is going to ooh and ahh over it. All I got from him was a snarky comment about how I'm the clumsiest person he knows.

So ... in all it's glory ... for your viewing pleasure.

There go the pedicure plans ...
Pity me.

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