Sunday, March 2, 2008

Reese .. new and improved

About a month ago, I noticed that Reese was starting to cross her eyes a bit when she was staring at things. Luckily, this started as we were due for the girls eye exams. After seeing Dr. Bergman, we learned that she has a condition called Esotropia. Luckily, he said that her condition did not require the surgery that some kids need (surgey on eyeballs!! ICK!) but instead could be corrected with prescription glasses. Her eyes were crossing in order to focus images .. other than that, her vision is perfect. The glasses now do the focusing for her, so no more crossing.
Usually, the condition will get worse as the children age (up to the age of about 8) and they will need stronger prescriptions to help with that. After the worsening of the condition there will usually be a plateau, and then the eyes will kind of work themselves out and get better. Dr. Bergman said that, most likely, she'll be out of glasses by the age of 12 (Right at the time when girls typically get all catty and ruthless .. phew!)
After the Doc told me that she needed glasses, he kind of stared at me for a moment. Then he started talking a little slow. The whole .... "So ... we'll get her... a prescription ... and she'll wear ... glasses .... for a while ...."
I told him I had (of course) already spent hours online scoping out hip glasses for kids. No coke bottle, Harry Potter glasses for my little fashion plate!
He laughed and said that he just wanted to make sure I unnderstood what he was saying because it has been his experience that when he says, "glasses", Mothers usually break down and sob.
Glasses = sobbing?!
My girls were born at 29 weeks for crying out loud. We were warned of blindness, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, blah blah blah.
I'll take the glasses with a smile and a thank you.

I want to go hang out at the Thomas Eye Group and listen for the wailing misery of those moms ... then I'll walk in the room ... and smack them.

Anyhoo ... the glasses I was drooling over aren't available for little ones ... check these out!! I'm counting down the days until these will fit her.. click here! (will open in new window)

BUT, I found a pair that aren't too horrendous (not an easy feat for this age group) and we ordered them.
(sidenote ... $250.00 glasses for a 2 year old?! Seriously?! ouch)
Everyone kept saying how hard it was going to be to get her to wear them .. even Dr. Bergman said that it could be a hassle and to call him if we needed any advice on how to keep her in them.
Alas, she loves them. Well, maybe "love" is overstating it a bit. I suppose she tolerates, ignores .. seems rather apathetic about them. The second they were put on her, they stayed on her. Perhaps her sister's squeals of, "My glasses?? Where my glasses?? Glasses for me too??" made her feel a tad superior.
That first day, she had a meltdown when I took them OFF for naptime. Since then, she wears them happily and has only taken them off twice (both times they were fairly dirty, so a quick clean up job and she let me slide them back on)
David and I certainly miss her little face that we have grown accustomed to over the years .. and it's hard not being able to squish her face and smother her with kisses... and I'll be damned if I can get a picture of her without the sky reflecting in the lenses or a huge flash over her eyes. eesh.
We'll live.
In the meantime .. she can see .. has gorgeous straight eyes .. and has proven to be the exception to the "it's next to impossible to get a two year old to wear glasses" rule.
Without further ado ...

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  1. omg! what cutie pie with her little glasses!!