Friday, July 18, 2008


I canceled our service with ChemLawn when we returned from Hilton Head.
The conversation went like this:

"I want to cancel our service."

"I'm sorry to hear that .. may I ask why?"

"You're killing my kids."

"Uh .. wha .. um ........................ well, is there anything .. we can do... to change your mind?"

"Uh .. well .. you can stop trying to kill my kids."

"..................... Oh .. okay. I've canceled your service. Call us back if you change your mind."

Of course, in my head I'm thinking... When I change my mind? You mean when I'm ready for you to kill them?


Flash forward to today .. David comes downstairs and asks if I canceled the service.
Of course I did.
He then informs me that someone had just treated our lawn. Awesome. All three cats out .. walking all over it .. bringing the damn poison inside. Thank goodness he told me and I didn't take the girls out to play on it.

I'm livid.
Some poor customer service rep is in for it tomorrow.

ETA: I just realized that they did the regular granular application PLUS an extra dose of the liquid. Awesome.
Here's what has been tracked into the house...
(click on image to enlarge)

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