Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hold me

The girls and I went shopping at The Forum. While we were there we stopped into a place that specializes in kids' haircuts. It was super cheesy, but the second we stepped in, Kaelin exclaimed, "I get a haircut today!" Hard to argue with enthusiasm like that. I have dreaded this day ... the baby hair being chopped off. All I could think of as the stylist brought the scissors out was that the hair being cut is the hair that I kissed when the girls were in the NICU for all those weeks. uuuuugh.
I overacted my little heart out feigning excitement and pride the whole way though. If someone had caught my act on film, surely I could have submitted my name to the Oscar committee for consideration.
The girls were great... smiled and giggled almost the whole way through. They wouldn't be my kids if there weren't moments of raised eyebrows .. seemingly wondering if this woman really knew what she was doing. They got over those moments quickly and decided that she wouldn't leave them looking like complete fools.
In the end they were strutting all over the place like supermodels. We're talking serious attitude. The stylist put little stick on earrings on them too .. which only added to the "look at me .. I'm fabulous" demeanor they were sporting. eesh.

Kaelin starts to wonder about the stylist's ability

She decides she's not so bad after all ..

Very excited that another Mom told her she looked like a Princess

Checking herself out

Reese's turn in the chair

Her turn to question the expertise of the stylist too

She kept sucking in her cheeks trying not to smile (guessing that was her way of saving face if the cut turned out horrible)

Happy with the results

The Strut

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