Friday, August 29, 2008


I tell ya .. those folks in Arkansas certainly have their priorities straight.

Arkansas Ban

I am just LIVID that in this day and age .. hell, ANY age .. people think like this. I mean, first of all .. we live in a world full of war, rape, murder, child abuse, homelessness, poverty, blah blah blah .... but close minded people decide to focus their time and energy on this. Really?! This is worth your time? Who a person LOVES .. who a person creates a home with .. a future with .. a family with ... It's "those people" who you think we all need protection from?!

Second, a little experiment:
I know a couple of same sex couples who have adopted. One couple lives their life with their child in a way that should be the example that we all strive for. Absolutely amazing parents.
I also know a heterosexual couple who put their children through HELL when they divorced. These kids were so screwed up after being dragged through the process ... the lies, the manipulation, the he said / she said of it all... It was painful to witness.

Now I ask you ... are the women in couple number one great parents because they're gay?
Are the man and woman in couple number two poor excuses for parents because they're straight?

Well, of course not!
What difference does a person's sexuality make when it comes to providing a loving home to a child?! Even more .. a loving home to a child who has never known such a thing?

I'm SURE that every single person who stands behind that bill has gone out and adopted or fostered a child in need. It's certainly the CHILDREN they care about .. not just promoting their idiotic, backwoods ideology.

It sickens me to think that one day my girls will reach an age where they recognize the hatred that exists in their world. However, it lifts me up to know that they will never understand it .. and will hopefully fight against it every step of the way.

(I'll update about the Birthday Girls soon .. I got sidetracked tonight)

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