Tuesday, September 2, 2008


(And yes, LL ... I wrote that she's "OURS". Try and take that away from me .. I dare ya.)

Miss Julia Ellon Forester made her entrance into the world last week!
Many of you remember details along the way and the prayer requests.

She started out as the baby who wouldn't survive the pregnancy. Then they said she wouldn't survive long after birth.
Along the way there were endless ultrasounds, a diagnosis of dwarfism .. and then a rare lethal type of dwarfism. Her growth was was extremely slow .. which worried the Doctors.
Add to all of that, an enlarged heart surrounded by fluid, questions of chromosomal issues, questions of neurological issues, and Doctors who just couldn't seem to figure out what any of it meant.
Laraleigh was put on bedrest .. first at home and then at the hospital. While at Northside LL's water broke but Doctors allowed Julia to stay in the womb for a few more days. They prepared her mentally for a C Section (which was a nightmare for LL given that she had her two boys naturally (with no meds .. crazy woman) and was worried about how to care for her other kiddos once she got home.
In the end .. LL had Miss J naturally (and even posted updates for her friends DURING labor .. "Holy smokes these contractions hurt... " ha.). She was allowed to hold and cuddle her when she came into the world. (For comparison .. I was given a very quick peek at the girls before they were rushed away .. never got to do more than touch their cheeks)
At birth, she weighed 2 pounds, 9 ounces and measured 15 and a half inches long.
She is in the NICU and doing AMAZINGLY well! She spent one day on the CPAP machine and when I saw her on Sunday she was breathing on her own with no help!! K and R were still getting oxygen after a month and a half in there! She is also maintaining her own body temp very well.
She is in the same Special Care Nursery that K and R were in for their first few weeks. Her incubator is directly across from where I first held Reese. It brought back a flood of emotions when I walked through that door. (I think I traumatized the girls when I got home .. I was an absolute mess .. couldn't stop hugging them and crying. )
She is gorgeous .. perfect .. just an absolute miracle.

Tuesday they will be running some tests to determine if there are any skeletal or chromosomal abnormalities and do some blood tests. (keep the prayers and positive vibes coming!)Due to the fact that she is doing so well, the neonatologist thinks that she will escape all of the usual preemie issues and just spend her time there getting bigger. That's HUGE considering that the girls went through almost all of them!

Kaelin and Reese can't stop talking about her. They are so excited that their favorite Auntie "LaLa" has given them a new playmate. Kaelin is even going to give up her nightime pacifier to "sweet, little baby Julia"
Of course, she has also demanded a "big girl present" for doing so .. so once Mommy figures out what that will be we'll box them up and take them over to the hospital.

We are so thankful that she's here ... that she has exceeded all expectations .. and that we have been given the privilege of watching her grow and witnessing who she will become. If the past is any indication ... look out world!

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