Friday, November 28, 2008


Some of the girls' more recent masterpieces.

Kaelin's "Airplane"

Reese's drawing of "Daddy climbing a mountain with me"

Kaelin's depiction of "Mommy in the morning with crazy hair" (Sadly, she's right on the money with this one. It looks to me like in addition to my fabulous hairstyle, I am also throwing some sort of fit. I plead the fifth on that part. Surely her choice in the using the color red has more to do with my hair color than my early a.m. mood swings... Right?)

Reese's drawing of "Kaelin with pigtails"

and now Ladies and Gentleman.. I present to you further proof of "the obsession". My all time favorite picture of Kaelin's.....

Her rendition of Aunt Katie ... otherwise known as "Hello Boobs."


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